Miranda Hart dismisses rumors that sitcom Miranda will return after 7 years offscreen


Miranda Hart has denied rumors her popular self-titled sitcom will return to screens after a seven-year hiatus following reports the 49-year-old had already written a fourth series.

Miranda took to social media this morning (April 25) to confirm that there are no plans to relaunch the series at this time. She wrote: “It’s so beautiful when some people are excited that there may be more Miranda. Means a lot. But I’m afraid what was in the papers today doesn’t don’t come from me. Nothing planned at the moment.”

It comes after the comedian allegedly said The sun : “A lot of lovely people kept asking for Miranda’s return so here we are and I hope everyone likes her.” What that meant is unclear.

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The hit BBC show last aired on New Years Day 2015 and ended with Miranda saying, “I don’t know when and if I’ll see you again.” Late last year, however, the star admitted she was “definitely thinking about” reviving her sitcom during an episode of The Gaby Roslin podcast.

At the time, she said, “When you create characters like that, that you’ve lived with for a long time, they become a part of you. I think of them once in a while, kind of like you would a friend you haven’t seen in a while, ‘Oh, what would they do’. And so I certainly thought about where they might be and what would happen with all of them.

“Circumstances didn’t quite align. But that’s something I would say I don’t rule out now. Whereas a few years after it was over, I completely stopped it and that was it.”

the old Call the midwife The star announced in January 2021 that she would be taking a career break following the death of her dog Peggy. In an Instagram post at the time, she wrote, “Other dog owners will know the excruciating sadness of losing their loyal and loving best friend.

“Pain reflects the unique joy, connection, comfort and love they bring. And Peggy was my absolute rock and the source of all of these things. Their unconditional and uncompromising loving presence is such an incredible gift.

“Enjoy your dogs as much as you can. They are great teachers. I am using this time off from work/publishing to write and rest and see what the next chapter will be.”

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