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While the constant funny stories and jokes keep fans modern family watching and re-watching all 9 seasons, it’s the relationships that really bring this big family to life. Whether Gloria is bonding with her young son or Mitch is getting used to Cam’s sister living upstairs, viewers can always find a sweet platonic, romantic, or familial connection to seek out.

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From a few sweet romances to some family members who get along great, there are several relationships that stand out on modern family and make sure there are as many emotional and heartwarming moments as there are hilarious ones.

ten Phil and Claire

Claire and Phil sitting on a beach in Modern Family

Although Claire and Phil modern family marriage is not without any problems, it is hard not to encourage their relationship in every scene.

Claire and Phil understand each other and always give each other time and space if that’s what they need. They always seem to be in tune and tend to experience change and growth at the same time, which is fascinating to watch. In the season 9 episode “Tough Love”, Claire drives a truck for her business and Phil tries to camp alone, and they spend the night in a hotel while maintaining that they have each tried something new.

9 Phil and Frank

Phil’s relationship with his father Frank is such a sweet part of the show, making the season 11 episode “Legacy” when Frank dies absolutely devastating.

Before this sad moment, Phil and Frank are exactly alike, enjoying silly jokes and pranks and theme parties. Even when no one else understands them or is having fun, these two characters understand each other and viewers can tell that Frank taught Phil many important lessons about enjoying life and being totally himself. same.


8 Mitch and Cam

Cam and Mitch in the Pilot - Modern Family

Mitch and Cam’s relationship is one of the sitcom‘s strongest, and whether they’re caring for Lily, whether they’re inspired to eat caviar for breakfast and live life to the fullest, or whether they’re going through a crisis, they are always fun to watch.

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While all of the couples on the show are well-matched and tend to balance each other out, this seems especially true for Mitch and Cam. While Cam is full of joy and adventure, Mitch is a bit more cautious and they help each other.

7 Manny and Claire

Split image of Claire and Manny on Modern Family

Claire may misbehave on modern familywhat makes his scenes with Manny so special.

In Season 9, Claire goes to Manny’s middle school dorm to find a stuffed animal for Phil who is in the hospital and supports Manny’s decision to dye his hair blonde. Claire gives him a hug and jokes that Jay will hate him, which creates a bonding moment between the two characters who don’t always interact. Since Claire knows Jay can be tough and rigid, she wants to help Manny any way she can.

6 Haley and Xander

For a large part of modern family, Haley and Alex act like they can’t even be in the same room together. But as they get older, they both mature and realize how important their connection is.

Whether Haley interrupts Alex’s intense college class or they’re discussing dating (before Haley gets bored and changes the subject), these sisters care about each other and embrace differences. the other. Haley might make fun of Alex for being nerdy, but deep down Haley loves and respects her brother’s intelligence.

5 Dylan and Haley

An image of Haley and Dylan smiling together in Modern Family

Whether or not viewers want Haley to end up with Dylan or prefer Andy, Dylan and Haley make an interesting team that brings a lot of comedy to the show.

Dylan and Haley’s relationship is dramatic and even more enjoyable to watch when they’re not together, as Haley gets jealous pretending she doesn’t feel anything at all. When the two have twins and become a family, it’s funny and intriguing to see them in this new place.

4 Jay and Manny

Manny and Jay prepare for a private school trip - modern family

Although Jay hurts his loved ones on modern family in many cases, he helps make Manny a confident and kind youngster. As the seasons pass, it becomes clear that Jay and Manny have one of the best relationships on the sitcom.

Manny and Jay respect each other and know they don’t have much in common, but they can still be there for each other. They show each other that it’s okay to embrace who they are while keeping an open mind, and it’s Jay who knows Manny needs to go to college and not worry about how much he misses Gloria.

3 Alex and Luke

Alex and Luke just seem to tolerate each other for much of the series. As they get older and begin to live their own lives, they begin to realize how much they have in common. Their notable storyline is in the Season 9 episode “No Small Feet” when they start selling shoes that Alex wore and making a lot of money.

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The family is shocked but also impressed with their work ethic and business savvy, and this story works because even though the actual product is disgusting, it’s nice to see Alex and Luke working as a team.

2 Cam and Pam

Although there are many great modern family plots about Cam and Mitch, it’s also interesting to see Cam interact with his sister, Pam, who moves into the upstairs unit with her baby.

Pam is a bit more wild and intense than Cam, but the two share a love of family, loyal personalities, and a desire to have their voices and opinions heard. It means a lot to Cam to have his sister around, and these two characters are always hilarious in a scene together.

1 Gloria and Joe

Gloria and Joe’s mother/son relationship is adorable and charming, especially because she knows she has to let Manny grow up and let go of him a bit.

Joe is a happy, confident child who is also brave and up for adventure at all times, and he is also sensitive and sometimes needs time to sit with his emotions. Gloria does a great job teaching him about the world, like the difficult time he learns about death, while encouraging him to be a kid and have fun.

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