NBC’s New Slip ‘N Slide Game Halts Production Due to “Explosive Diarrhea”


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Nothing seemed as fun as the premise of NBC’s new game show, Ultimate Slip ‘N Slide. It takes the joy of the original backyard toy – where one would slide over a yellow plastic sheet covered in Dawn’s dishwashing liquid – and turned it into a huge water park competition with a promising cash prize. for the winning team. It goes without saying, however, that “explosive diarrhea” isn’t a lot of fun, which is apparently the reason for the series’ production halt.

A source revealed to The Wrap that up to 40 crew members involved in NBC Ultimate Slip ‘N Slide contracted “horrible explosive diarrhea” which left them “to collapse” in the middle of the shoot. As a result, the show of the competition came to a halt on June 2 with only 5 days of filming scheduled. According to the production studio, testing began immediately and so far at least one person has tested positive for a parasitic intestinal infection called giardia.

Of course, the Ultimate Slip ‘N SlideThe water used for the set, which apparently features a 65-foot-high slide, also had to be tested for pests. Los Angeles and Ventura County Health Departments and a third-party lab revealed negative results for the immediate set, including the pond, pool, tanker, and toilet sinks. But other tests came back positive for the intestinal parasite in the “surrounding area”.

The source claims that many NBC channels Ultimate Slip ‘N Slide team members blame production for the outbreak of parasites causing diarrhea. Apparently, they believe that no effort was made to have fresh, clean water while filming the game show. In the studio’s statement, a representative said:

The health and safety of everyone on our set is our number one priority, so out of caution we have made the decision to stop production of Ultimate Slip ‘N Slide at the current location. We are in the process of determining the next steps in order to complete production.

It’s honestly hard not to imagine pictures of panties smeared with diarrhea when you imagine the current situation on NBC’s competition set. Granted, it probably didn’t go so badly, but one can only imagine the plight of this infamous Bridesmaids‘food poisoning scene or the “shit on the floor” during this The real housewives of New York Travel to Mexico.

It’s a series of unfortunate events that something had to be a day on the Olympic-sized pitch, a childhood dream akin to NBC’s success American ninja warrior competition, saw this unexpected situation. We will watch to see if Ultimate Slip ‘N Slide will be able to get production back on track in time for its August 8 premiere on NBC.


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