NCIS: Hawai’i turns into a scandalous soap opera


The latest episodes of NCIS: Hawai’i have kept fans on their toes, and in “Legacy,” the series almost devolved into a soap opera with a hint of scandal.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for NCIS: Hawai’i Season 1, Episode 8, “Legacy,” which airs November 29 on CBS.

It’s unclear what might happen on any given episode in the NCIS franchise. From creepy pink teddy bears in a stalking case to a CIA agent posing as a kidnapped social media influencer and justifying mental illness, NCIS: Hawaii kept fans on their toes. This week’s episode, “Legacy,” quickly got messy. Yes, there was a victim, but this episode was also messy for the living. It included a billionaire, a divorce, a scandal, and a vengeful boyfriend. In fact, the whole hour was very much like a soap opera.

It all started with the Navy handing over sacred land to the Hawaiian people. During the ceremony, they found a corpse on the ground. Tennant’s team identified her as Kathy Laster, a leading member of World Works – a global back-to-nature group with extreme leanings. Because the land was still technically owned by the Navy, NCIS took the case. World Works had protested on an adjacent property that belonged to a billionaire last week, so Tennant’s team decided to investigate.

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Hawaii Tennant legacy

The billionaire was Damien Davenport, the owner of a technology company, and he was the rich guy from television. He was surrounded by security, staff and lawyers, refused to talk and was generally hard to get along with. During the interview with Tennant’s agents, however, his wife seemed suspicious, so they decided to investigate her further.

After much rigmarole, Tennant’s team discovered that Kathy Laster was actually Damien’s daughter. Well, she wasn’t publicly his daughter and he was determined to keep her a secret for her looks and the value of her business. If that wasn’t complicated enough, Damien’s wife wasn’t happy with him, and she was the one who brought Kathy and World Works to Hawaii in the first place. She really wanted a divorce, so she enlisted Kathy to use her as leverage. Unfortunately, someone killed her.

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Hawaii Ernie in Legacy

That’s where the vengeful boyfriend came in. Mike Williams was the head of World Works and Kathy’s boyfriend. He had caused trouble a few times before when he went to Damien’s house to confront the billionaire and his wife for killing Kathy to shut her up. Tennant and his team arrived in time to speak to Mike, as Damien wasn’t the killer after all.

Just then, Damien’s security guard, Mr. Tillman, shot Mike. Shooting him was unnecessary and it only confirmed what Tillman was. At first he wasn’t a suspect because he had a theft manifesto as an alibi. However, Ernie eventually discovered that Tillman had doctored the manifesto and he had met Kathy Laster and bludgeoned her to death with a rock to “protect” his boss’ appearance. So even if the rich man was a jerk, he wasn’t the killer. Either way, the whole episode was more of a twisted, outrageous soap opera than anything else.

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