‘Neighbours’, Australian soap opera that launched the careers of Russell Crowe and Margo Robbie canceled after 37 years


The take was pulled from a long-running soap opera that launched the careers of two of today’s biggest stars.

Australian daytime drama “Neighbours” has been canceled after 37 years due to the ever-changing television landscape and financial difficulties.

“Neighbours”, which is set in Australia, was mainly funded by UK broadcast partner Channel 5, where the show has aired since 2008.

Channel 5 withdrew its financial support for the show last month, shifting its investment to original content.

A search for alternative financing never materialized.

“We are truly sorry to say that after nearly 37 years and nearly 9,000 episodes aired, we must confirm that Neighbors will cease production in June,” the show’s official Twitter account wrote on Thursday. “Following the loss of our main broadcast partner in the UK and despite a thorough search for alternative funding, we simply have no choice but to put the show on hold.

“For our amazing and loyal fans, we know this is a huge disappointment, as it is for all of us on the team,” the post continued. “We thank you for all of your messages and support and promise to end the show on an amazing note. From now on, we celebrate the Neighbors.

Chronicling the lives of ordinary people living in the fictional cul-de-sac of Ramsay Street, “Neighbours” has served as a talent pool since its debut in 1985.

Oscar winner Russell Crowe is among the show’s alumni, playing Kenny Larkin in 1987. The New Zealander had bit parts in other Australian TV series before ‘Neighbours’ but was able to stretch his acting cops for a four-episode arc.

The Reg Watson-created drama has also been a launching pad for many other big names, including Oscar-nominated Margot Robbie, Emmy Award-winning Guy Pearce, and “Hunger Games” heartthrob Liam Hemsworth.

Even Grammy Award-winning Kylie Minogue made her debut on the show.

The Melbourne native portrayed Charlene Robinson from 1986 to 1988.

Her character’s marriage to boyfriend Scott Robinson (played by Jason Donovan) was a ratings juggernaut, drawing nearly 20 million viewers.

“I will be forever grateful for the experience and the friends I made on @neighbours,” Minogue wrote on Twitter. “We had no idea how big the show was and how passionately viewers would take it to heart. Pure love! 💞🏡 I can still hear Madge calling… CHARLENE!!!!”


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