New Girl: 10 best relationships on the sitcom


When Jess moves into the loft in the pilot of new girl, little does she know her life will be changed forever as she forms lasting friendships and falls in love with Nick. While most sitcoms have a variety of compelling relationships, from fighting families to fighting back friends to romantic ties, new girl also has many types of relationships that fans love to observe.

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From some of the series’ sweetest couples to the most memorable and beloved friendships, there are multiple relationships on new girl which make the show funny and moving.

ten Nick and Jess

Nick and Jess in the elevator

Fans think Nick and Jess are meant to be on new girland while it can be a little frustrating to see all the obstacles they go through, they get married and live happily ever after.

What works so well about this couple is how they understand each other’s quirks and how they try to be there for each other. They may not always agree and they may not always think the other is on the right track, but their disagreements and differences are part of their charm, and their love for each other negates finally the problems.

9 Winston and Aly

A pregnant Aly stands alongside Winston in New Girl

When Winston and Aly meet, they’re both police officers who have been tasked with working together, and fans can see the sparks and chemistry immediately. This couple is quickly becoming one of the sitcom‘s most beloved.

Winston and Aly are pregnant with their first child near the end of the series, and the flashforward to the series finale explains that they will become parents to five little ones. It’s nice to learn because Winston and Aly are both sweet, smart, quirky and ready for this life change.


8 Ruth and Schmidt

Season 7 of new girl is equally adorable and hilarious as fans get to know Ruth, Schmidt and CeCe’s daughter. Ruth and Schmidt share an incredible and admirable bond that makes these episodes special.

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Schmidt loves being a dad and he has a lot of fun coordinating Ruth’s schedule and spending time with her after school. Viewers love watching Schmidt wondering if he should go back to work and realizing he wants to be home with Ruth because that’s what matters to him.

7 Ruth and Nick

Screenshot of New Girl Ruth and Nick

Nick has mature moments new girl, including when he does his best to care for and communicate with Ruth. Ruth considers Nick her uncle, but since she isn’t convinced he knows what he does for a living, this relationship is one of the sitcom’s best.

When Nick eats a sandwich meant for Ruth and annoys people by picking her up from school one day, Nick tries hard, but he can’t help but make many mistakes along the way. In every scene, Ruth seems older and wiser than Nick, which is hilarious.

6 Jess and Cece

Early on in the series, fans learn that Jess and CeCe have been friends for a long time, and their friendship remains one of the most important in each episode.

Whether they’re drinking too much and staying out too late or helping each other through breakups, CeCe and Jess are a perfect example of sitcom friends growing up while trying to keep their relationship the way it always was. It’s not always easy, but fans see how much they care for each other.

5 Schmidt and CeCe

Schmidt & Cece from New Girl

Schmidt and CeCe new girl The relationship is a fan favorite, and although Schmidt is immature at first and has a lot to learn about commitment, the characters marry, start a family, and end up happy.

The best thing about this romance is how CeCe stands up for herself and lets Schmidt know that even though she loves him, she won’t be mistreated. It’s satisfying to watch Season 7 and see Schmidt as such a caring father to Ruth while he was on his travels.

4 CeCe and Robby

Robby and Cece at the zoo in New Girl

While it’s incredibly awkward when Jess and Robby start dating and then realize they’re related, there’s something sweet and innocent about CeCe and Robby’s relationship.

Although the two aren’t dating for very long, they care about each other and CeCe realizes that she deserves a partner who treats her well and makes her a priority.

3 Winston and Jess

Winston is a beloved character thanks to his love of pranks and how far he can go. Although it’s pretty hard to pretend that he and his friends have to leave the loft, he means well and just wants to have a good time and make life a fun adventure.

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Winston and Jess have a great friendship as Jess loves Winston’s sense of humor and gets into his pranks, schemes and schemes.

2 Nick and Walt

There are many sad moments in Nick’s life on new girl, including the fact that he never resolves his bad relationship with his father Walt. While it’s a difficult and negative relationship, it’s one of the sitcom’s most compelling, and it’s the one that teaches Nick the most.

Because Walt is a con artist, he is never there for Nick and not someone he can rely on. Walt shows Nick that he deserves love, compassion, and respect, and that he should seek those things out in his friendships and his romantic relationship with Jess.

1 Nick and Caroline

Caroline in New Girl

Even though Caroline is a horrible partner for Nick and a terrible influence on him, their relationship allows Nick to begin the process of growing and maturing. This makes this relationship one of the most important on new girl.

While Nick is heartbroken and doesn’t want to get away from Caroline, he finally realizes he needs more than one partner and he wants to be loved for who he is, quirks and flaws and all. Nick finds that with Jess, which is one of the reasons fans love this couple so much.

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