New Master D Blaster game show premiering on September 5


Master D Blaster, a new game show, premieres on September 5.

Master D Blaster will be hosted by Kathir and RJ and VJ Ananthi Iyappan.

The comparison between television and cinema is not new. Audiences seek entertainment on the big screen while the small screen provides an endless and compulsively captivating experience.

The Master D Blaster game show focuses on this concept and will bring the big and small screen together. Viewers will witness an enthralling and thrilling experience as attendees of the show answer questions related to cinema.

The weekly hour-long Master D Blaster show will feature several segments aimed at entertainment enthusiasts, which will also have a celebrity quotient. Popular celebrities like Sastika Rajendran, Sha Ra, Danny, Madhumita, Thangadurai and Black Pandi will take part in the show’s first episode. The show will see a different set of contestants compete against each other each week on the show.

Earlier, the show’s co-host Kathir made an announcement regarding the organization of this new game show.

Sharing the promotional video, Kathir wrote: “Hello Makkale!

You are always my biggest support, since my dance performances in DJD and as an anchor of “JILL JUNG JUG”, accepting me as an actor through “Sembaruthi”. The amount of love and support you give is another level that I will be eternally grateful for and continue to entertain you in any way I can.

And I’m super excited to announce my new show

“MASTER THE BLASTER” every Sunday from 1:30 pm to 2:30 pm I would need all your support as always.

My sincere thanks to the whole team.

With love

VJ Kathir (sic) ”

Kathir hosted another Jil Jung Juck game show. Being a passionate dancer, he participated in the Dance Jodi Dance.

On the other hand, Ananthi Iyappan is an RJ and a host. She is known for hosting the popular show Iniyavai Indru.

Master D Blaster airs on Sundays in the noon slot.


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