New reality show ‘$ix Figure Makeover’ starring TI, Vanessa Simmons and Lavar Ball takes creative entrepreneurs to mogul status


The California Gold Rush began on January 24, 1848. Fast forward to the year 2022, and with the invention of social media, society now lives in the Gold Rush era of intellectual property .

Contractors Bryce Harris and Jeremy Newkirk want to harness this new power and help Black creators and entrepreneurs reap the financial rewards of their creativity and innovation.

$ix makeover is a television show director produced by Harris and Newkirk and directed by filmmaker Christine Cooper. When asked to describe the concept, the intrepid trio replied that it was ABC shark tank meet mtv Make the group.

“The show will shine a light on creators and change the narrative of what black tycoons are and how we should redistribute our information, knowledge, wealth, skills, talents, abilities and resources to people who deserve opportunities,” says Newkirk.

Together they created a platform called Cover360ixty™ it will be an incubator where business ideas and talent will be accelerated to achieve monetization of brands, products and services.

More than five years ago, Harris and Newkirk created the Cover360ixty™ as a “business made easy” platform. Through their professional backgrounds, they have accompanied many creative entrepreneurs. A central question that always came up was, “how do I get started?” Both young men realized that many people lacked the skills, information and knowledge to succeed. Newkirk has even observed that young children are eager to master money-making skills.

Newkirk works as a computer scientist and manages billion dollar projects through his computer company. He partnered with Harris because of his business acumen, interest in technology, and the combination of their network.

TV series director Christina Cooper adds, “I loved the purpose behind this idea concept and knew it could help so many future entrepreneurs in their endeavors. I know how hard it can be [to be] the CEO of my Island Gal brand and my production company. It takes a lot to be a successful entrepreneur, so I want to be part of a project that will help others in the process and [secure] Connections.”

Skeptics have asked Harris and Newkirk how they can think of themselves as tycoons when they are not superabundantly wealthy. Yet young men personify the adage “your network is your net worth”.

“It’s all about access, and information has power. We lack information in this culture, and we have information that we have networked, linked and contacted and are willing to share with the culture and the community so that we can grow as one and be united,” says Harris, an entrepreneur. and artist who is the younger brother of Atlanta hip-hop star T.I. The Grammy winner will provide cameos throughout the series.

Newkirk also explains that the platform will be available to non-violent offenders and young, business-minded tweens from age 12 through college age. He intends to share his knowledge of the 24 project management skills with each participant to show them how to take an idea and make it a reality.

They will select the best creators from the group and showcase them on the TV show to demonstrate their “capabilities, skills and ability to connect.”

The men have a deep Rolodex of relationships filled with millionaires and billionaires with a wide range of skills from entertainment, product and fashion design, to technology and sports that they will incorporate into their mentorship program. The goal of the mentorship program is to accelerate a person’s idea to a viable business, and it lasts 30 days with a 45-day extension for exceptional cases.

Cover360ixty™ offers two applications for individuals; an application is to watch the show and submit and register a business idea. The other application is for participants accepted into the mentoring program. They’ll have access to a network of creative moguls, engage with their senior advisor in Los Angeles, and answer AI questions to help creators stay on schedule. The creators will also post on message boards and meet with the executive committee for an hour to get advice and a plan for success.

“Our platform consists of our website, our recruitment tool and our back-office tool, which we call the creative campfire. We take your idea in an incubator-like program and bring together executives and tycoons to mentor you on the ground. From there, you present to the board. If you qualify, we’ll induct you into our Entrepreneur Mogul program, allowing you to participate in our private meetups, masterclasses, ghost moguls, and all the resources we have to grow your business to six-figure success. or more. Creators will then become part of Harris and Newkirk’s network, where they will be referred to other business owners and talent.

Creators admitted to the Mentoring App will be able to seek out exclusive opportunities, watch and read creative content and books, and attend innovative mixers to present every other Saturday in Beverly Hills, CA.

“We’re interested in looking for someone with a disruptive idea that could shake up the culture in a positive way,” says Newkirk.

For more information, visit and its app to watch episodes and sign up.


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