Nile Niami launches reality TV streaming network


LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Better & Better Productions today announced that Nile Niami, developer of The One, is launching a streaming network called “The One Truth Network”.

It’s a day after the judge told him he had lost the 100,000 square foot home he had worked so hard to build for 10 years.

A common theme in Niami’s widely viewed public videos has been “saving the world” and “building a better future”, and Niami is putting those words into action today and tomorrow by engaging homeless people in West Hollywood and Hollywood to help promote the launch of his new business.

Regarding this new promotional effort, Niami says, “I needed people to kick off this awesome network launch campaign, and I thought there was no better way than to employ those who had them. most needed. I’ve met the most amazing people along the way, and I want to keep giving back.

Over the past 12 months, Niami has traveled all over the world filming content. Upcoming shows are meant to be funny, thought-provoking and thought-provoking. In one of the series, Niami encourages everyone to be their best and true self. Upcoming titles include The One Casino (in the sky), Chance, Nirvana, Universe, Change and The Secret Curtain.

Part of the overall promotional campaign includes electronic billboards that will go live tonight scattered throughout Southern California featuring the network’s iconic logo and image of the mysterious White Rabbit mascot. The logo design is meaningful: it represents both masculine and feminine energy, and the line in the middle symbolizes nirvana, the perfect balance between the two.

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About the One Truth Network

A streaming network created by Nile Niami which will be launched in 2022.


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