NJ School Masking Ends In A Sitcom Called ‘Everybody Hates Murphy’


I had to laugh when I saw Erin Vogt’s headline for her story about lifting mask mandates in our schools:

“Murphy Ends NJ School Mask Mandate March 7: Is Criticized From All Sides”

Of course, he would be criticized from all sides. I mean, it’s the New Jersey way, isn’t it? I guess one could argue that a fair decision never leaves one party entirely happy. Yet, in this case, I have to side with those who call Governor Phil Murphy a fool for not simply dropping the mask mandate immediately.

Was it really necessary for Murphy to again extend the public health emergency that was supposed to end this week? He himself said of the omicron variant of COVID-19 that it is leaving us as quickly as it found us. The measurements are good. If data determines dates, an old favorite catchphrase of his, then the time would be now.

And every good sitcom has to have a tagline, right? This is exactly where we are in a state as divided on the issue of Covid as New Jersey still finding a way for both sides to hate this guy. We’ll call it “Everybody Hates Murphy”.

So why did I support masks in the beginning when it was a pandemic? Because the variants were different back then. There was no vaccine at the time. In dozens of credible medical studies, the consensus has been established that masking helped stop large numbers of microdroplets on people’s breath that the virus had to hitchhike on to reach its next host organism. .

So why am I saying end the masking now? Because the virus has mutated. Omicron, not as deadly and much more contagious, has been scientifically proven not to be stopped very well by the masks that most schoolchildren and teachers wear.

As for the omicron, the cloth mask that so many people wore did next to nothing and the much more serious grade, like a K-95 for example, was needed. Most people never wore them. So what was the point?

Our schoolchildren now have to wait until March 7 to get rid of the masks. It’s true that omicron hasn’t disappeared completely, but doesn’t it seem like the virus that causes COVID-19 never will now? When the pandemic started, about 10 times more people were dying from COVID-19 than were dying from even a bad flu season. But Omicron changed that. And we’ve never asked people to mask up for flu season. Masks made sense in the beginning. But they have long ceased to make sense.

If I wrote the next episode of “Everybody Hates Murphy”, it would be called “Phil, Let’s Move On”.

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