Our daily Boston and baseball soap opera started with a thump


All of the Sox’s strengths and weaknesses seemed to be on display in that 3 hour, 56 minute morning. Rafael Devers homered two runs in the first, Xander Bogaerts had three hits and Nate Eovaldi held the fort for five usable frames. Garrett Whitlock pitched two innings in great relief before giving up an tying home run to DJ LeMahieu.

But the Sox made a few mistakes, failed to hit in the clutch, and had no cap on the back of the pen. Matt Barnes sat out as Crawford crumbled after good work from Whitlock, Matt Strahm, Hansel Robles, Jake Diekman and Ryan Brasier. Sox manager Alex Cora says the high-priced Barnes has a new problem.

Buckle up, Sox fans. The days of high-level pitching assistance are over for this Local Nine. The Chaim Bloom Red Sox will try to survive with scavenging drafts and free pitchers from the likes of San Diego and Oakland. It promises to be a thrill ride.

The good news is that there is another game on Saturday. And the Sunday. And almost every day between today and October 5th.

In this spring of 2022, we crave normality and routine. A pandemic persists stubbornly, war rages in Europe, and prices rise hour by hour. Following the Sox – on the radio, on TV (we miss Jerry Remy), online or in the newspapers (gulp) – is part of our daily exercise. Like brushing your teeth, having a multivitamin and a coffee in the morning. We make the bed, we feed the dog, we call to see mom and we ask, “How did the Sox do yesterday?”

The Sox didn’t do very well on Friday, but let’s agree that it’s too early to launch the famous “Wait ‘Til Next Year”.

The 2021 Red Sox surprised Baseball America and managed less than two World Series wins. They return to an American League East that could be one of the strongest divisions in baseball history.

Day 1. Yankee starter Gerrit Cole no doubt enjoyed seeing his name in the headlines of Friday morning’s New York Post.

“Cole to clean up the ‘sour taste’ of his wild-card choke against rival Red Sox,” the tabloid shouted.

Cole, who spilled the beans in a playoff one-game with the Sox last year, responded to the added pressure by giving up three runs on three hits and a walk before earning one out to start the season. of the Yankees.

The $324 million right-hander walked Kiké Hernández on four pitches, spat a two-run bomb at Devers (an early MVP candidate), then trailed, 3 and 0, on a Bogaerts single and a JD double Martinez. Boos rained down on Cole’s head less than 10 minutes into the season, and there were mock cheers when he put Alex Verdugo on soft ground.

The Yankee batters collected all three runs on a pair of homers — two runs by Anthony Rizzo, solo understudy by Giancarlo Stanton — in the first four innings. It went 3-3 until the sixth, when Bogaerts (pay man) led with a left double and scored from the third when Verdugo cut a one-out single through a fired infield.

After getting five innings and 76 pitches from Eovaldi, Cora called on Whitlock, his only other reliable pitcher. Whitlock dazzled New York with four strikeouts in two innings, but came back for the eighth and gave one of those cheap Yankee Stadium homers on the short right wall to LeMahieu.

“They’re the best hitters in the world,” Whitlock said. “When you make a mistake, they hit it. It’s not a good throw when they hit him.

Both teams tackled their “ghost runners” in the 10th, but the Sox are ill-equipped to win a bullpen battle. Veteran Donaldson ended the long day with a clean midfield single at Crawford’s 1&1.

First game of the season, and you put the ball in Kutter Crawford’s hands with the game on the line?

Get used to it. Koji Uehara and Keith Foulke do not cross this door.

The good news is that the Sox will play again on Saturday. And the Sunday. And Monday. Weather permitting, they will play match 22 of the next 23 days. They’ll play another 161, and hopefully they’ll play for a few weeks in October.

It’s baseball. They do this every day.

Dan Shaughnessy is a columnist for The Globe. He can be contacted at [email protected] Follow him on Twitter @dan_shaughnessy.


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