Peregrine Falcon soap opera set in Berkeley



This is the sordid story that has been unfolding in East Bay for the past three months. Only in this case, the cursed lovers are not human idiots, they are peregrine falcons.

The naughty at the center of the love triangle is Annie, who first partnered up with the hawk boy Grinnell in late 2016. The couple have since done the most – nesting on UC Berkeley’s Campanile, mating like rabbits and providing hours of entertainment for local bird watchers.

Young love, however, is terribly fickle. In October, poor Grinnell was attacked by a rowdy pair of rogue hawks who left him with injuries to his chin, beak and left wing. He was then found languishing on a trash can (humiliation!) to Berkeley Tennis Club, and taken to Walnut Creek’s Lindsay Wildlife Rehabilitation Hospital to recover.

During her three week absence, Annie and one of Grinnell’s avian muggers began to brazenly flirt in front of God and everyone, all over town. They even spent Thanksgiving together! (What must the children be thinking?) This despite the fact that the Lothario in question is a “float” – birders’ language for the smelly, non-breeding hawks who are just there to win a nest. (Gather together, Annie!)



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