Photos: Sexy Soap Opera Characters – Valentine’s Day Gallery


It’s only on our crazy, wacky shows that these characters couldn’t be booed.

We all have that friend, don’t we? Or maybe we are this friend? The person everyone agrees is a catch…but who never seems to get caught!

Our soap characters are exactly the same. Even though they’re generally much warmer, richer, and more spiritual than any of us will ever be, they do occasionally find themselves… disengaged, so to speak.

And his weird, to the right? If someone as awesome as The young and the restless‘ Phyllis can spend a Friday night alone – not to mention a whole group Friday nights! — what hope do we have?

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If a guy with abs like Bold and beautiful Sweetheart Carter doesn’t have to turn off her phone to stop the deals coming in, is there a reason us average Joes are even in the game?

We are not bitter, however. Not much, anyway. We are more mystified. How can these unique and particularly attractive specimens not attract potential dates like moths to the proverbial flame?

We don’t have the answer. But since it’s Valentine’s Day, it seemed fair to ask the question: how could this happen? Perhaps by shining a spotlight on the soaps’ inconceivable singletons, we can remind our shows just how eligible these bachelors and bachelors really are. Do you care who let us go the most, “What the…?!?” Click here or on the photo gallery below.


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