Pokemon makes moves in reality TV


Shared Serebii.net a casting call for the new TV show on Twitter, which explained that The Pokémon Company International was looking for fans of all demographics to apply for a role.

In a press release for the proposed television series, Pokémon Trading Card Game Vice President Barry Sams said, “The Pokémon Trading Card Game has been a cornerstone of the Pokémon brand since it was introduced is over 25 years old and central to its success. is his fans. Whether dedicated competitors of the Play program! Pokémon, from casual players who battle after school with friends and family, to collectors or enthusiasts in general, we look forward to highlighting the stories of our diverse TCG fans.” He further encouraged all fans in and around LA to come audition for the show.In other words, the show is looking to expand its network from newbies to more hardcore fans and gamers.

The exact nature of the show is still unclear, but this series could take several different paths. As IGN noted, it could be interesting for the series to follow a format where pro players are paired with newbies to help them become the strongest card fighters possible. This seems to be supported by the casting call published by Serebii.net, which mentioned, “we would like to know how a Pokémon TCG expert can help you.” Of course, the show could also be a classic tournament, with amateurs competing against seasoned players.

Whatever form the show ultimately takes, fans are already weighing in.


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