PokerStars India sponsors Bigg Boss reality TV show


PokerStars India is teaming up with the popular reality TV show Bigg Boss, an initiative that officials at the online poker operator say will raise awareness of poker as a game of skill in the country.

PokerStars India is a sponsor of Bigg Boss Season 13, which began on Sunday. (Image: Colors)

PokerStars India is an associate sponsor of Bigg Boss, which aired the first episode of its 13th season in India on Sunday.

Bigg Boss takes after “Celebrity Big Brother”

Bigg Boss is a Bollywood version of the popular Big Brother series, which originated in the Netherlands and spawned versions in countries around the world including the UK and the US. Bigg Boss usually features famous contestants, similar to the Celebrity Big Brother offshoot of the original show.

In the program, applicants are forced to live together in an isolated house, where they are constantly monitored by a network of cameras and microphones. Participants are required to perform basic chores like housework, but are also required to participate in competitions and special duties assigned by “Bigg Boss,” an anonymous authority figure who acts on behalf of the producers. Roommates are nominated for eviction and removed from the house one by one, until only one person – the winner – remains at the end.

In India, Bigg Boss spawned a number of variations in different languages, although the Hindi version is the oldest and most popular. This is the edition of the show that PokerStars India is partnering with.

PokerStars India offers thematic promotions

As part of this partnership, PokerStars India will host “Bigg Boss Poker Challenges” in which Bigg Boss will assign tasks to players to complete for their own rewards. Players will also have the opportunity to participate in freeroll tournaments to win themed prizes, including a tour of the house where they can meet host Salman Khan.

We are really excited to collaborate with Bigg Boss and see so many opportunities to educate people on the many skills of poker that can be applied to everyday life, and vice versa ”, Ankur Dewani, CEO of Sachiko Gaming (PokerStars partner in India), said in a statement. “On Bigg Boss, attendees must navigate the show making calculated decisions, showing mental stamina, patience, being calm, keeping a straight face and much more until you are. eliminated or you progress to become a winner. . “

It is not yet clear how PokerStars India might fit into the television program, or whether the deal will be strictly advertising-based for the site.

PokerStars India has increasingly stepped up its promotional activities in the country. Earlier this year, the site signed Sharad Rao as the first official Twitch Ambassador, and recently launched a new marketing campaign featuring Bollywood star Nawazuddin Siddique, who once again highlighted poker’s status as skill game.

This classification could be important as poker continues to face legal hurdles in India. On Sunday – the same day of the Bigg Boss season premiere – two Kolkata locations were raided for offering illegal gambling, including poker.

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