Quick Catch with James Patrick Stuart


I knew Valentine living at the Quartermaine mansion was going to be fun from the moment he asked, “What’s the bidet situation like in this house?” “Wasn’t that great? It comes from the writers. I thought it was so out of left field; I thought to myself, “Where does this come from? But why not!’ Also, Amandine [Setton, Brook Lynn] has done so many sitcoms that when we’re on set together it’s really contagious. I feel like I’m back on Must-See TV, Thursday nights on NBC again. When that line came out, I felt like we were on an episode of MAD ABOUT YOU or something.

I also like the addition of Cyrus Hobbi as Yuri, the bodyguard that Valentin hired for Brook Lynn. “Isn’t he wonderful? For me, he is the only performer, in recent memory, who did not exaggerate from the start. As soon as he arrived on stage, he was at the perfect level. He didn’t do much, he didn’t try to outshine me when the cameras were on, it was perfect! And I remember telling him, and I said to Frank [Valentini, executive producer], too, ‘I don’t meet such confident people!’ This guy is a find. I don’t know what he is doing, he maybe practices meditation eight days a week, I don’t know why he is so calm, but it works!

I noticed that Valentin seemed to genuinely appreciate his place at the front row of the circus when Austin revealed he was a Quartermaine. “I waited years to do scenes with Roger [Howarth, Austin]. I find it fascinating. The first time Valentine met this character, it wasn’t particularly related to what Valentine was doing at the moment. He didn’t find it particularly interesting [laughs]. But now it has come in handy to Valentine [as a potential swing vote in ELQ board meetings] and this is where things start to change.

As viewers, we know heartbreak awaits Valentine, who has unwittingly fallen in love with a baby he believes is his, but isn’t. What do you think of this twist? “Playing without being informed is difficult because it’s just such a weak choice of actor. Having said that, obviously in a soap opera situation the idea is that the very thing that has been the catalyst for any change in Valentine’s life is his daughter, and the idea of ​​him having another is just more. that wonderful for him. It’s going to be very tragic when he finds out the truth.

In the meantime, you can just rack up sympathy points and coo in front of this sweet little baby! “That’s right! A year and a half ago, Valentine was cocky and manipulative and he was on the verge of cruelty and he just got caught in his knees. I find it so fascinating that he received a strong dose of humiliation and instead of using it for more fuel to punish he actually took the opportunity to become a better man on his own.We shoot scenes wherever he gets a chance to surprise himself by how much he wants to redeem himself for certain situations. I did a scene with Josh [Swickard, Chase] like that which was really fun- Josh and Chad [Duell, Michael] and I can rarely walk through a scene together without dying, bursting into peals of laughter and laughter – but Valentine was alone in a room with Chase and he realized he didn’t want to pass up the opportunity to mention that he feels personally responsible for what happened to him [Peter poisoning him] and he needed to say something. And it’s my boy Valentin growing up a bit. Can’t wait to see if it survives the betrayal [laughs]! “


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