Quick Catch with Jason Thompson



Playing your character at the top of their game should be fun. Do you like playing Billy on the ropes? “Actually playing the latter is more comfortable for me. For my own psyche, this version is easier for me to play.

This answer is surprising. Please explain. “Whatever there is in me, that stuff takes less of my work, it’s a little more comfortable and easier to access, to be honest. In saying that, the king of the world stuff is a bit difficult for me to access personally, so I usually have to tap into other things. Funny, self-righteous Billy feels disgusting sometimes, but you have to be prepared to go because it gets the bad times to work, you know, kick in the teeth of it all. It helps tell the two paradigms of this guy’s life right now, which is the entertaining side of it. “

Well, you make both sides very realistic. “Thanks, I hope it works. Sometimes it’s hard for us to tell if something is working or not. Much of our stories are told by people in other scenes. When I watch the show I like to record myself because it helps me understand the big picture when I see it all come together. And sometimes when you don’t like your character, that’s part of the entertainment side of things. It’s like when I look at SUCCESSION and I’m like, “Oh, my God! I don’t like any of these people! but i can’t stop watching.

What was it like for Billy to bring Jill home and scold him for screwing up? “Selfishly, it’s always amazing when Jess [Walton, Jill] comes to town. Billy loves his mother, but she rarely brings good news. It’s usually never a good thing when Billy meets his mother. They’ll have a head-on collision and then they’ll come out of it and find some kind of balance in it all. It’s their relationship, but there’s no denying that the reason she came over this time around is because things are a bit out of her control right now because of what happened with Victor and Adam. Billy said at one point that he held himself responsible for letting down Jill, Lily, the company and the staff, so it was very humbling for him. But does he think it’s all his fault? No, so he bites his tongue a bit, but his relationship with Jill is always a place where Billy expresses a side of him that no one else really knows and only she understands. You can argue about who is right or wrong about his opinion, but he is really not understood by a lot of people. And even though Jill doesn’t agree with Billy, she can’t stop loving the guy.

How does this ChancComm crisis impact her relationship with Lily? Especially since it was she who invoked Jill behind Billy’s back. “He understands why Lily called Jill. He also knows that Lily is on his side, which is a beautiful thing, so they really learn to support each other because there is a lot of honesty there. Lily’s story is sometimes forgotten. She’s been through a lot over the past few years with prison, her divorce, and the things Cane had done, so she went through a lot of trauma and came out on the other side. Billy trusts Lily completely; trusts his opinion and his instinctive reaction to things. Lily really is the voice of reason to him, but there is that little bit of selfishness in him for wanting to lead through things.



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