Quick Catch with Kimberlin Brown


Fans really appreciate the Sheila / Deacon couple. What is your opinion on this? “It’s been so much fun, and I think it shows on the screen. I love their back and forth and ever since I have known Sean [Kanan, Deacon] for years, it’s great to finally be able to work together. I love that.”

Sheila keeps saying that she has changed but that she has already manipulated everyone who has crossed her path. Has Sheila changed? “Well, sometimes people can change. You have to really want to change, and that’s something Sheila wanted. I would say to the fans, ‘How many times have you made mistakes in the past that you tried to make up for, and those people you hurt still don’t trust you?’ That’s where Sheila is sitting right now. I should tell them, ‘How did you feel when those loved ones that you might have hurt in the past always look at you sideways and always say things and it’s like spending the rest of your life in jump through hoops to right a wrong? ‘ That’s the way things are, and Sheila has been willing to do it, but Steffy won’t allow her to show that side of her, so it’s going to get very interesting.

After all of her nefarious deeds, have you ever worried that Sheila would be put in a corner? “Well, someone trying to fix themselves will constantly reinvent themselves, right? Sheila has no choice but to keep reinventing herself. I am so blessed that Brad [Bell, executive producer/head writer] and the Bell family took Sheila under their wing and created what she is today.

It’s fun and games now, but things are escalating quickly. What contribution do you have regarding your screenplay? “I would never tell the writers how to write my role in a million years. It’s not my job. My job is to do my best with the words I am given. I know actors and actresses who will call the producers and say, “My character would never do that. How do you know what your character would never do? You play a character. That’s what I love about what they give me. I never have to stay in one place. I have this ability to reach out and be different, and I like to keep things interesting.

What has the fan response been so far? “When someone tells me on social media to leave Steffy alone and talks to me as Sheila, not as Kimberlin, it means people believe you are who you play. This is acting, isn’t it? If you can tell a good story and people believe you are that character, then you have.

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