Quick catch with the Sharon holster


The aftermath of Rey’s tragic death should be a really interesting chapter in Sharon’s life. “Yeah, Sharon has never been widowed before, so it’s a tough time to lose your husband or someone that close. Last time I played it was when Cassie died.

It was 2005, and although it was devastating for Sharon, she turned out to be the stronger one compared to Nick. “She really did it and I loved it. I think her resilience not only surprised the fans but also surprised herself. She’s also a sweet and emotional person in general, but when it all hits the fan , she is about to.

Unfortunately, this last story comes at the expense of the loss of Jordi Vilasuso (ex-Rey). “Yes I know [sighs], that’s what these scenarios do. Luckily it doesn’t happen very often, but we are very sad to lose Jordi. However, the loss or death of a character can lead to a lot of intrigue for years to come, much like what happened with Cassie’s death.

What was your reaction when you learned that Jordi was going to leave? “I was shocked and just passed out. I was just kind of standing there and had no words. I was just trying to be there for Jordi like he was telling me, because he himself was shocked and very sad. It’s always hard to hear when someone leaves and it’s not easy to find the words. It comes with the territory.

Do you like seeing Sharon leaning on Nick during this difficult time? “What I took away from that, which I didn’t realize was happening at first, is that losing Rey and being there for Sharon also seems to ground Nick. For me, at Joshua [Morrow, Nick] performance, it looks like his character is finding a priority. Maybe because he’s older and he’s been through a lot, but finding enlightenment tends to happen to us when a loved one dies.

You’ve already said that you’ve loved all the storylines that have been thrown at Sharon over the years. Do you still feel this way? “Oh yeah. Whether they were my favorite or not so favorite, in the end they were all a challenge and I’m glad to be there to do it because it’s always an evolution for your character.

Will Sharon be okay or will Rey’s death have a deeper impact than she thinks? “Well, it’s hard to tell because it’s early in their grieving process. You just don’t know. When someone goes through all the stages of grieving and they’re finally done, they lands somewhere but you don’t know where it will land. It could be as a stronger person, or they could become weaker and become addicted to drugs or alcohol. This is a common thing that happens to people. people when they are trying to move on from their grief and looking for stable ground.Maybe Sharon will decide to change her life or her career, be a big badass and just drive in a new direction I don’t know, but it’s exciting.


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