Quick take with Josh Swickard


Are you thrilled fans are reacting so enthusiastically to Chase and Brook Lynn’s pairing? ” Yes, yes and yes ! There are so many moving parts with a soap pairing; there has to be a natural chemistry, it has to be written, the fans have to like it. There are so many things out of our control. So when you start a new couple, you kind of go, “Well, we’ll see what happens.” And luckily, Amanda [Setton, Brook Lynn] a star, and we love working together, and the fans loved it and the writers wrote for her and the stars lined up! So we’re very grateful to be able to take a little tour together on the show.

How did it go with another big star, baby Bailey? “So good! You’d think I’d get sick of babies; I go to work and miss mine, then I go to work and hold another one! Normally when you work with babies, there’s has a little eye roll, like, ‘Oh, hell, how long are we going to be here?’ But with the baby playing Bailey, it’s a joke – the adults do more takes than the baby! The baby is perfect in every way. I love working with Bailey.

That was the goal of eventually bringing Bailey back to Maxie, but when it actually happens, it must be bittersweet for Chase. “Yeah, it’s a tough time. His goal is simply to be there for Brook Lynn, but what he may not have realized is how much he loved playing house and being a dad. Yeah the goal was to get the baby back to Maxie but now that it’s happened that’s just what you said bittersweet because with the little family that kind of got bigger the fake family, the feelings were real.

Chase and Michael just had a candid conversation about the status of their relationship. Do they end up in a better place? “Yeah, those were wild scenes! Chase and Michael have been through so much with each other, loving each other, then trading, then cheating, then lying, but they’ve always been cordial, and that always wins out. [any negative] feelings. So, this could be a situation where certain words just need to be said and broken down and expressed, and then they can go back to being good old Michael and Chase again. I’d like to think that’s so; I don’t want to think forever is, ‘We can’t be friends anymore.’ I loved those scenes and the way they were written.

Chase is in the midst of a months-long suspension from the PCPD. How does he handle it? “Ah, horribly! The guy does not know what to do with himself. His thing has always been to be a cop and a detective; that’s how he works and spends the day. That’s all he can think of and now if something is wrong with a loved one he can’t step in and help, and he doesn’t just have the daily routine of grabbing his badge and going in the office anymore. Plus, his love life is a giant question mark, so I think that kills him! All he wants is his sense of normalcy and routine and he doesn’t get it anymore.

Chase is so true to the book – and Brook Lynn is not. Is this part of his call to him? “One hundred percent. I think there’s such a good yin-yang with Chase and Brook Lynn. He can be such a little pup sometimes, and she can be such a powerful force, and the way they rub their against each other and feed off each other is, I think, brilliant and interesting writing.Amanda brings such life to the character of Brook Lynn and it’s so much fun to play opposite her.


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