Quick take with Mark Grossman


How do you find the story of Chelsea/Adam/Sally? “I think it’s great. It’s been a lot of fun having Missy [Claire Egan, Chelsea] come back and work with her again. I really missed sharing scenes with her. She and Courtney [Hope, Sally] are so good with the back and forth between their characters. They are really fun to watch. It’s something new and I love working with both of them. I look forward to what the writers come up with. I think it’s a very intriguing direction so far.

Adam seems to maintain his quest to be a better person. “To a certain extent, it’s still something new for him. He tries to walk a straight path and I really appreciated Adam trying to redeem himself. He’s back in Victor’s good graces and has had moments where he got along well with Victoria and Nick, so it’s been nice to play but it probably won’t last forever.

Although he has two women who are interested in him, do you like that he doesn’t try to control things or play with them? “He’s been upfront with Chelsea about their position and he’s not manipulating Sally. It’s brand new territory for him, but he seems to be getting used to it. He doesn’t seem tempted to be himself again yet.

What do you like about a possible relationship between Adam and Sally? “I like that there is no history between Adam and Sally. Sharon and Chelsea have their very complicated pasts with Adam, but when he was played by different actors. If there is a relationship with Sally, that would be something brand new for me, it’s not about recreating something or continuing something that’s been done by previous actors before me, and I like that it’s something totally new. It’s a blank canvas with Adam and Sally, so I can’t wait to see what happens with them. I love Adam and Sharon, and Adam and Chelsea, but with Adam and Sally, it feels fresh and definitely different.

Missy and Courtney mentioned how much they enjoy working together. Is it obvious to you on set? “Oh yeah. When I watch Missy and Courtney work together, it looks like they’re having a great time. The scene in Society where Adam was sitting in the middle of Chelsea and Sally trying to butt heads about some fashion stuff was really quite comical to watch. Missy and Courtney have great chemistry together as rivals.

It seemed like Adam and Victoria’s frosty relationship was beginning to unfreeze, but that didn’t last long, did it? “Yeah, that’s a shame because I really enjoyed all those scenes I had with Amelia [Heinle, Victoria] over the past few months and I felt like they were siblings. They had these funny banter and there seemed to be a point where Victoria started to get along with Adam. However, she screwed it up behind her back by buying Newman Media, so it looks like they’re back to square one. It’s a bummer for Adam because he had carte blanche at Newman Media, so the last thing Adam would want is Victoria as his boss. It’s been a nice change of pace with Adam getting along with most of his family – so far.


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