Reality TV is the latest sign of the apocalypse


I thought it was popular music.

I used to think that the giant meteor that God would inevitably send to press the reset button on Earth would be guided to our planet by the sweet gentle sounds of wet ass pussy by former stripper/(alleged) prostitute/Pepsi spokesperson Cardi B.

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But I was wrong.

Music has always challenged the status quo and pissed off the older generation (me)so while what kids call music today is certainly heinous nonsense, it’s not the final nail in our collective coffin.

This is reality TV… What started as a simple TV prank has turned into an absolute moral vacuum that will eventually ruin us.

By the way, the “TV prank” was a show called Hidden camera, which is widely considered to be the first reality TV show. It was created in 1948 and operated in different forms until 2014.

The premise of CC practical jokes were played on unsuspecting people – and the television audience watched and laughed at (or with) the victim.”

The fun was putting ordinary people in strange situations and watching their reactions. Usually at the end, when Allen Funt, the show‘s creator and host, reveals to them what just happened and says his catchphrase, “Smile, you’re on Candid Camera!”the victims laughed too.

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(“To Catch a Predator: The Outtakes”)

The show was an instant hit and Funt quickly became one of the most recognizable people on Earth. So much so that he boarded a plane from Newark to Miami with his wife and two young children in the late 60s… The plane was hijacked by two men wielding rusty knives. One was held to the throat of a flight attendant while the other was used to force pilots into Cuba… But the cabin remained quiet throughout the ordeal of the hold. hostages because they were convinced that Alen Funt was behind it all for his show.

No matter how hard Allen tried to convince his traveling companions/idiots that the hijacking was real, they carried on as if it were a prank until they finally spent 11 hours on a tarmac in Cuba while the authorities negotiated their release.

I could see the same thing happening maybe today with Sascha Baron Cohen, as a plane he and Isla Fisher are taking to England suddenly ends up in Afghanistan while 90 other travelers wait for it to slip into its character of Borat and insults women and Jews on board.

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Fast forward 60 or 70 years ago Hidden camera aired for the first time and something called US TV prime ministers sex box…a show where a panel of relationship experts wait outside a soundproof box while a couple fucks inside. As soon as the couple were done having sex, they emerged from the club in cum-stained silk pajamas and answered questions about their relationship. It was a cultural experiment based on the completely false theory that a couple will be more open and honest in answering intimate matters after having sex.

They called him sex box because creativity is dead and the name has proven itself with consumers aged 18-25.

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Then you had THROW! who debuted on a channel called G4 in 2008. Competitors gorged on pots and clam chowder, then let themselves be drawn into spinning games by suitably shielded professionals. Whoever vomits last wins, and whoever watches this show is a complete loser.

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I could go on and on about the long list of shows that are all mini-omens of our inevitable doom, but instead I’d invite you to watch this latest episode of Twisted History… The twisted history of reality TV with my co-host, two-time Emmy winner Jeff Lowe… Who got extremely emotional discussing how this category of programming is ruining society.

I like Jeff and was so grateful to have him on the show… And in less than an hour and a half we covered the nut soup genre, ending up on what the nut really is…

The man with the 132 pound scrotum created in 2013 on CCM.

Enjoy the capsule and go to hell.




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