Reality TV star appears in court for fraud


A reality TV star has appeared in court on fraud charges.


A reality TV star has appeared in court on fraud charges.

A reality TV star has appeared in court for defrauding thousands of dollars from her employer.

The money was reportedly spent on air flights, clothing, photo ops and social gatherings.

The woman appeared in court on one charge of theft by a person in a special relationship and two charges of altering documents with intent to defraud.

It is alleged that the person had access to a business credit card on behalf of his manager.

On several occasions between December 2019 and December 2020, the person is believed to have used the card to pay for an Uber, an air flight costing $ 371, caterers at hotels, photoshoots, and clothing.

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The transactions were then coded to look like legitimate labor expenses.

At one point, it is alleged that a check for nearly $ 4,000 was given to the woman by another company to pay for tickets to an event, which was deposited into her bank account.

The business credit card was then reportedly used again to reimburse the money to the other company, after the Covid-19 pandemic prevented the event from unfolding.

The card was also reportedly used 16 times to purchase clothing online, for a total of at least $ 1,300.

The woman was remanded in custody without pleading on bail on the condition of not telling anyone about her former workplace and is expected to reappear in court later this month.

The woman has received a temporary name removal, preventing an explanation for her involvement in reality TV.


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