shalini: “Superstar” Game Show Completes One Year; host Shalini delighted to celebrate the show’s success

The popular game show Superstar has successfully completed a year of airing on Kannada TV. The show successfully aired over 300 episodes in a year.

To mark the occasion, host Shalini used her Instagram handle to write a few words about the show. Giving a brief overview of her journey as a game show host, Shalini in her post mentioned that she was proud to host Superstar.

“It’s been a year for SUVARNA SUPERSTAR

306 episodes Personally, it’s been an incredible journey as an anchor and a person.

I learn every day from these wonderful competitors.

I am very proud to say that I am the presenter of Suvarna Superstar,” (sic) Shalini wrote in her post.

Interestingly, Shalini’s Instagram post not only caught the attention of her fans, but also her husband’s. The proud hubby commented, “You won’t stop until the end of the world….well done my love” (sic)

Meanwhile, Superstar is all about celebrating femininity. From housewives to celebrities, the show has welcomed women from all walks of life.

Speaking about the show in a previous interview with ETimes TV, Shalini said, “Women who have achieved success in life while taking care of their families and children will play various games on the show. There is no age limit. As a host, I will also be a cheerleader for all the contestants. The format of the show is such that I can connect with all the contestants because I don’t fall into the celebrity category, which makes the contestants perform without inhibitions. It’s also the first time I’ve hosted a full game show that takes a lot of energy to cheer on the contestants.”


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