Sitcom star Jerry Seinfeld has revealed why Derek Jeter’s Yankees retirement wasn’t perfect for him – “He shouldn’t have played.”


Sunlight soaked the whole team in its warmth as New York Yankees legend Derek Jeter came on for his last at bat. Almost every team the shortstop played against in 2014 held a top notch farewell ceremony for the No. 2.


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The captain played his final game at Yankee Stadium against the Baltimore Orioles, and he also led the team to a victory. But this game was not his last at bat. He last picked up the baseball bat in a game against the Yankees’ fiercest rival, the Boston Red Sox in Boston.


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But like many other Jeter fans, sitcom artist Jerry Seinfeld didn’t want the shortstop’s latest hit to be anywhere but Yankee Stadium. And the stand-up comedian has been pretty vocal about it, too.

Seinfeld was not a Derek Jeter fan!

Considering himself a big baseball fan, Seinfeld was a big fan of the New York team, but of the AL Division. But a fan of one team can also like players from other teams. Just like Seinfeld followed him enough to want him to have played his last game at Yankee Stadium.

A day after Jeter’s last fight, TMZ approached the comedian and asked his opinion on things Jeter should do after he retires.

“He shouldn’t have played in Boston. You don’t owe anyone anything” the actor said.


The New York Yankees legend once dethroned NBA legend Kobe Bryant and golf star Tiger Woods to become America’s favorite athlete

12 days ago


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The man owed nothing to anyone, but it would have been much better had he played his last game as a Yankee at Yankee Stadium. The shortstop was the last active baseball player to appear on popular comedy show Seinfeld with Bernie Williams.

Did Jeter win the game in his last at bat?

Baseball legend and Hall of Famer Derek Jeter ended his career at Fenway Park by rocking his helmet to the crowd and entering the dugout. And just like that, a 20-year career wearing Pinstripes was over.


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With the Red Sox being his team’s fiercest rival, the Yankees had to win this game in honor of their captain. And they certainly did. The New York Yankees defeated the Boston Red Sox 9-5.


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