Soap opera actress arrested in raid


A former star of the British show, EastEnders, was arrested on suspicion of a “large scale” scam. Authorities detained the actress in an early morning raid on her London home on Friday, The sun reported. A detailed description of the alleged fraud plot was not provided.

Investigating officers from the Eastern Region (Ersou) Special Operations Unit, one of ten regional police units in England and Wales. Ersou, who fights organized crime and counterterrorism, confirmed the arrest and his ongoing investigation. Additionally, it has dedicated teams that deal with fraud, money laundering and proceeds of crime enforcement.

Officers from Ersou’s economic crime unit arrested the actress, but she cannot be legally identified. UK media are strongly encouraged to redact the names of high-profile suspects in initial reports.

They are generally anonymous due to guidelines that advise against publishing a suspect’s identity as it implies guilt and is therefore defamatory if found to be unfounded, according to In A media outlet may then have difficulty defending itself in a subsequent defamation case.

There may be extenuating circumstances, including threats to life, the prevention or detection of crimes, and matters of public interest. A police force may, however, provide non-identifiable information about an arrest, such as the age, gender, offense and location of the person arrested.

Information about an adult charged with a crime, such as name, address, occupation and details of the charge, must be released to the media where the law does not prohibit it. According The sunthe EastEnders alum has been on British television for three decades and starred in the long-running BBC One soap opera.

When the police allegedly broke into an address where she would be staying, they took away documents and electronic devices. A source told the outlet: ‘The allegations of fraud must be on a large scale given who is investigating.

The insider added, “It was an early morning descent. It would have been taken completely by surprise.” .

Last monthEastEnders Star Jessie Wallace has been arrested outside a nightclub on suspicion of assaulting a police officer and being drunk. Police took the actress into custody after she was arrested in Suffolk, England, for “public disorder”.

A spokesperson for the program released a statement on June 21 about the arrest, revealing that “senior bosses spoke to Jessie Wallace about the incident and made it clear that this type of behavior is unacceptable and Jessie expressed his deep regret.


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