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Plus, respond to some surprising rumors.

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Kiara Barnes (Zoe) gave an exclusive video interview to Soaps which revealed how she really think about the exit of his character. The actress also explained how Fantastic island changed his life and more. Don’t miss it.

This week, Bold and beautiful had one thing in mind: the return of Sheila Carter. Richard takes a look at what worked, what didn’t and explains why he found himself completely intrigued by the possibilities offered by two lesser characters, all in this week’s Soapbox column.

Alison Sweeney Returns As Sami Amid Charlie Murder Days

Salem has a lot in common with the Mythic Land of Oz in that both are places people come and go so quickly. This week, Alison Sweeney left in a dramatic fashion as Sami was kidnapped. (By whom? Well, we have our suspicions…) Meanwhile, Sweeney says that while she will be off the web for a while, it certainly won’t be the end of her disturbing alter ego!

Lori is curious to see where Ben and Ciara are heading now that they have finally reunited, was surprised that EJ called Sami so quickly for his betrayal and guessed who took Sami and in the last one. Days of our lives column.

steve burton family time beach jason gh

Friday the 13th turned out to be very bad luck for a member of the popular cast. Just as he was about to go on tour with his co-star Bradford Anderson (Spinelli), Steve Burton (Jason) tested positive for COVID. Find out how he handles the news and what that means for his summer plans.

  • Former Kiki performer Hayley Erin received a double dose of good news by giving birth to twins and sharing some precious photos of the delivery room.
  • Believe it or not, Maurice Benard has been playing Port Charles Sonny Corinthos’ premier gangster for 28 years! We mark the occasion by taking a look back at the Daytime Emmy winner’s story with a special photo album filled with memories.
  • Last week, she clarified that she just kept acting, but that didn’t prepare Emmy Rylan (ex-Lulu) for having to explain that she isn’t dead. Find out how this story gets even stranger.
  • Old Ryan’s Hope star Michael Corbett (Michael) addressed the rumors he was cast on GH … and why the idea is not so far-fetched!

In this week General hospital column, Dustin plays the detective while trying to piece together who could have killed Naomi. Meanwhile, he wonders how Lenny’s death will impact “Mike” and his time in Nixon Falls, is caught off guard by Ava’s behavior, and inquires about who killed Naomi, wonders if the Lenny’s death will eventually keep “Mike” in Nixon Falls indefinitely, was surprised that Ava didn’t seem to want revenge on Spencer, and blames Tracy for Austin’s appearance in the life of the Quartermaine clan.

Jess Walton jill gallery

Our thoughts are with the veteran Young and restless star Jess Walton (Jill) following news of the devastating loss of husband John. Read Walton’s beautiful tribute to her husband for 40 years.

  • While it was great that Kyle and Summer finally got the happy ending that many fans wanted to see for the couple, the plot that ushered in was far from overwhelming. Read our thoughts on what went wrong.
  • Michelle Stafford found with her son on screen Michael Graziadei (ex-Daniel) ended up going into full Mama Bear mode. Soon after, the actress revealed that she would be quitting social media, at least for a little while. Read why she made this decision and when she might return.
  • Melissa Claire Egan (Chelsea) may be taking maternity leave, but she was sure to post one last selfie at work before leaving Genoa City to have her baby.

Candace was relieved that people were finally freaking out about Mariah, still suspected Ashland might fake her illness, thought sending Kyle and Summer was nice even if it didn’t make sense, and an Adam / Sally couple in his last The young and the restless column.

Find reasons to tune in this week with all of the latest spoilers and speculation about the future of your favorite soap opera.

  • Just as it looks like Carter and Quinn are ready to commit to each other, Eric says something that could change everything. Find out how his future ex-wife reacts in the Bold and beautiful weekly spoiler video.
  • The Ashland Locke mystery may soon be unraveled, as while the media mogul and Victoria are distracted by their wedding plans, Billy and Nick search for dirt on the dude in the latest Young and restless video spoiler.

iconic fall harvest movies

Summer may be ending faster than we’d like, but there is at least one reason to celebrate: Hallmark to release a new crop of films for the fall season! You won’t want to miss the full schedule and take a peek at the familiar soap stars that will appear.

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