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Yes, Finn is gone. So says executive producer/writer Bradley Bell. But Steffy’s life must go on without him, and that life, he says, includes an “unexpected” romance to come! However, we may have different views on the unexpected, as we’re pretty sure we know exactly where Steffy is heading next. Still, we might be surprised – Jacqueline MacInnes Wood herself has promised a boatload of twists to come!

Steffy was fighting for her life on Bold and beautiful, but Richard admits in this week’s column that he was more focused on several oddities regarding Finn’s death. Check out this week’s column and see if you had some of the same questions.

What happened last week: Sheila kept her threat to shoot Steffy after leaving her next to Finn in the alley. Deacon literally reeled when he came across the victims and, after calling for help, proceeded to tell those closest to him about the tragedy, including Sheila, who pretended to be shocked. She then showed up at the hospital, where the Forresters had gathered to urge Steffy to fight for her life, hoping to see Finn’s body, but was shut down by her adoptive mother, Li.

Greg VaughanGreg Vaughan Photo ShootJPI StudiosLos Angeles07/16/12© John Paschal/jpistudios.com310-657-9661Episode #11920U.S.Airdate 09/18/12

Eric is heading back to Salem for more than just a visit this time, and we’re dying to know what’s to come. Luckily for us, Greg Vaughan sat down with Arianne Zucker to talk about Eric and Nicole’s upcoming reunion and the unresolved issues that Marlena’s son will be tackling!

Lori didn’t necessarily object to the idea of ​​EJ and Belle hooking up, but wasn’t thrilled that the show chose to use one-note rapist Jan as a vehicle. In this week’s column, Lori also speculates that another of the soap opera‘s problematic villains could end up playing the hero, and says it’s just plain sad to see Gwen being treated so badly by Xander!

What happened last week: Chad convinced Rolf to formulate a serum for Sarah, which Anna promptly injected into him. However, Gwen changed the antidote to more of Rolf’s mind-blowing drug, resulting in a baby-talking Sarah calling Maggie “Mom”. Elsewhere, the devil jumped into Allie’s body, chained Johnny in the crypt, and dumped poor Chanel. Jan revealed that she was pregnant with Shawn’s baby, which sent Belle drowning her sorrows at the bar with EJ. And Gabi stopped by Jake’s apartment and found Ava had moved in.


Esme has been plotting with her devious father ever since she first appeared on our screens, and after the win Ava handed to her last week, it looks like she may be one step closer to her goals. Because if Ava can’t stop him, who in the world can?

Dustin couldn’t have been happier to learn that Esme wasn’t, in fact, pregnant, and finally had some hope that the schemer could be eliminated. He wasn’t the least bit surprised, however, to learn that Nina had twins and that Willow was his second daughter. But then, was it someone? Jennifer Smith’s return was a welcome little twist, but hopefully we’re not done seeing her!

What happened last week: Curtis cut a deal allowing Selina Wu to hold her poker games away from her club in exchange for information about her father’s past. Esme’s pregnancy test came back negative, but Spencer still asked her to stay at Wyndemere to work things out between them. Meanwhile, Ava told Nikolas that they wouldn’t share a bed again as long as Esme was home. Valentine resurfaced and accused Jennifer Smith of stealing the Ice Princess. And Neil’s brother blackmailed Harmony for stealing Nina’s daughter and Nelle’s twin sister, Willow.

Diane Jack discusses Y&R

The young and the restless may have pulled out all the stops to bring Diane back from the dead, but all the sleight of hand in the world can’t distract us from the script’s serious flaws. If the show had the guts to team her up with Victor’s greatest enemy, it’s a story we’d love to follow!

As inexplicable as Diane’s return from the dead was, Candace had to admit that the series has become much more watchable since the resurrection. Ashland’s saga has also gained momentum, which is why she can’t help but fear what will happen to the show if and when Victoria’s husband has to pay for his sins.

What happened this week: Phyllis was stunned to learn that Diane Jenkins was alive. Jack reluctantly agreed to tell Kyle about the shocking development. In Genoa City, Victoria presented her plan to trap Ashland, which involved tricking her into trapping Adam. Ashland, meanwhile, took the bait and broke into Adam’s office to file evidence. Billy’s concerns for his ex-wife’s safety led to a warning from Lily, and Chance and Rey regretted feeling disconnected from their respective parenting roles.


  • As the world turns beloved Kathryn Hays, who played Kim Hughes for over 38 years, has sadly passed away.
  • The Daytime Emmys are approaching, and we’ve got all the details on what to expect, where to watch them, and when they air.
  • Is ‘Brettsy’ finally making a comeback on chicago fire? Showrunner Derek Haas teased that we might see Casey and Brett in time for the show’s finale!

Now that you’re all up to speed on what happened last week, here’s a preview of what to expect!

  • Looks like the corner Sheila was backed into Bold and beautiful gets smaller and smaller as Thomas confronts the murderous mother and Steffy finally wakes up from her coma!
  • Pretty much the whole town is together for Ben and Ciara’s big gender reveal party on days of our livesbut with the devil in play, it’s a safe bet that nothing will go as planned!
  • Victoria set in motion her plan to trap Ashland on Young and restlessbut when Adam offers his brother-in-law the deal of his life, is that part of the plot or has he gone rogue?

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