Soap Opera News, recaps and spoilers for the week of February 7, 2022


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Plus, previews of what’s to come!

We understood. You are busy. Every once in a while, some of the latest breaking news goes under the radar. But that’s why we’re here – it’s literally our job to keep you up to date with the latest world happenings of the day! that you like The Bold and the Beautiful, Days and Lives, General Hospital Where The young and the restless — or all of the above – it’s your one stop shop to find out what’s going on.

  • Darin Brooks (Wyatt) and Kelly Kruger have welcomed their second daughter, and her adorable first photo is one we’re glad we didn’t miss!
  • The recently released promotional photos gave us a wonderful glimpse of what’s to come for several Bold and beautiful favorites and also inspired some good laughs.
  • It’s been five years since Courtney Hope joined Love glory and beauty like Sally, and although the character currently heats up the screen on Young and restlesswe decided to celebrate his birthday by going back to his Los Angeles roots.
  • Supervising Producer Casey Kasprzyk has warned us to prepare for a clash that will change the show forever. But what can it be?
  • Sean Kanan has an idea of ​​who the show should feature to help us better understand how things got so bad for Deacon.
In this week Bold and beautiful column, Candace explains what’s going on with Steffy and questions Grace’s latest actions. Plus, she admits that she really enjoys watching Deacon and Ridge get into it and can’t wait for all hell to break loose once Brooke’s secret is out.

What happened last week: After questioning Douglas again, Steffy and Thomas set out to find proof that Brooke had kissed Deacon. With that in mind, they contacted Charlie, who helped them gain access to Brooke and Ridge’s security system. Misunderstanding what they saw in the footage, Steffy told Taylor that Brooke had cheated on Ridge. Blackmailed by Grace, Carter invited Paris over for a romantic dinner…during which he dumped her!

At the Salem Inn, Xander stands in front of Gwen, with an open ring box.  days of our lives

Xander officially proposed to Gwen, and she said yes…but something seems weird to us about the whole thing. Is there more to it than meets the eye, or are we just too paranoid?
  • As difficult as it may seem, we lost Frances Reid 12 years ago last week. We marked this dark occasion by paying tribute to the legendary actress who breathed life into Alice for more than four decades.
  • Before he was a most A respectable Salemite, Justin Kiriakis was a man who reveled in the family name…and all the shady perks that came with it! For Wally Kurth’s 35th birthday with days of our liveswe went back to the playboy origins of his character.
  • Even though TR has really changed (and the jury is still out on it!), stepping into the shoes of a character with a past like his is enough to make anyone think twice. No wonder then that William Christian almost missed his chance!
days of our lives left us with some lackluster cliffhangers before we take off for the Olympics, but at least they have some mysteries to delve into. In this week’s column, Lori wonders what Gwen and Xander are really up to, if TR has actually changed, and why no one seems to give the devil a second thought.

What happened last week: TR shocked Lani by revealing he believed he was her father. JoDevil impersonated Jake long enough to cause trouble between the real Jake and Gabi. Later, JoDevil overheard Chanel and Allie discuss having sex…even as Tripp planned to propose to his beloved. Xander proposed to Gwen. Ben and Ciara have moved to a new place. Craig confessed to Nancy that he was gay and in love with another man.

GH nina son ABC mashup
  • We’ve been trying to find out who Esme’s father is since she first appeared on our screens, but Avery Kristen Pohl thinks she and her character know her identity.
  • The week saw a number of casting shakeups, between the departure of Jane Elliot (for now!), Lindsay Hartley temporarily stepping into Kelly Monaco’s shoes with a heartfelt message, and the return of Easton Rocket Sweda. alleviating fears that Leo has been recast.
  • Lulu’s former portrait artist introduced the world to her new son with a heart-melting photo and video.
  • When Chad Duell stopped at Maurice Benard State of mind vodcast, Sonny’s portrayer admitted he was kind of a jerk with his new TV son when he first joined the show.
  • Laura Wright nearly broke the internet, not because of what Carly did, but because of her brand new hairstyle!

Does anybody not see Peter’s escape come a mile away? In this week general hospital column, Dustin discusses this obvious plot twist, the erratic behavior of Sonny and his seemingly oblivious family, why fans of Spencer and Trina finally have hope, and why he is, finally, actually invested in Willow.

What happened last week: Ned and Olivia renewed their vows, after which officers arrived to arrest Tracy. With Anna’s help, she avoided being fooled. Harmony revealed that Willow’s birth certificate was fake. Austin discovered the truth about Maxie’s daughter. While being taken back to prison, Peter escaped and kidnapped his daughter. In the chaos, Dante was injured and Mac was shot. Sonny has arranged a grand romantic gesture for Carly. After Kristina told Sonny that Carly wasn’t going to show up, NIna did…and neither of them knew his wife was, in fact, on her way. Drew clearly had feelings for Sam but didn’t want to “poach” her to Dante.

Michael, Victor Y&R

Victor is known to play games, the consequences for friend or foe be damned. But as he tries to use Adam and Victoria as unwitting pawns in his plot against Ashland, we have a feeling this could all blow up in his face!
  • As Mariah and Tessa’s engagement party got underway, Cait Fairbanks gave fans a glimpse of what’s going on behind the scenes — and maybe even a glimpse of what’s to come.
  • Since Melody Thomas Scott just sold her mansion for a whopping $6.2 million, we thought it would be fun to visit not only her home, but those of several other soap stars as well.
  • 42 years ago last week, Young and restless changed forever…despite the wishes of co-creator William J. Bell, who fought to keep things the way they were.
  • Three years ago we were rocked by the shocking death of Kristoff St. John. It’s a loss that is still felt today, so we’ve done our best to remember and honor Neil’s late portrayer by sharing the tributes paid to him by the cast.

In this week’s column, Candace reflects on what the future holds for Ashland, shares her thoughts on the Chelsea/Adam/Sally situation and discusses everything that’s gone wrong. Noah’s growing infatuation with Tessa is concerning.

What happened this week: While Chelsea and Chloe suggested Lauren design an exclusive line for Fenmore’s, Adam offered Sally a job at Newman Media. Victor convinced Michael to go to Peru to find out the truth about Ashland’s supposed recovery. Noah adored Tessa during his engagement party with Mariah, which worried his family. Abby was worried that something was wrong with the baby.

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Now that you’re all up to speed with what happened last week, here are some previews of what’s to come!


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