Soap Opera news, recaps and spoilers for the week of January 3, 2022



Plus, sneak peeks of what’s to come!

Are the New Year’s celebrations giving you a hangover? Fret not, we’ve got exactly what you need to help you kick back, relax, and step into 2022 on the latest happenings in the soap world! That you like The daring and the beautiful, Days of our lives, General Hospital Where The young and the restless – or all of the above – this is your one stop shop for what’s going on.

We admit it: Love glory and beauty pulled the wool over our eyes. It’s not a crime per se, but the way they did it more than ticked us off. Find out why we think their last turn is a huge mistake.

It looks like Deacon’s actions really let Richard down, and he explains why in the Bold and beautiful column. Plus, other characters who were thrown under the bus and the easy ways that the show could be dramatically improved in 2022.

What happened last week:After Sheila and Brooke crossed paths at Il Giardino, accusations and threats were exchanged. Rather than let Brooke derail her attempts to spend more time with Finn and Hayes, Sheila shoved her blonde nemesis out of the wagon by swapping her alcohol-free champagne for the real one. Arriving at the scene, Deacon joined Brooke in making shots of vodka, then confessed that he had never stopped loving her. Douglas saw Brooke kissing “Santa Claus”, who was actually Deacon in a Santa hat. After finding out that Zende was intending to propose, Paris made a big show of not being ready to get married… then locked her lips with Carter!

Alex wraps his arms around Gwen, as he stands in their room at Salem Inn.  Days of our lives
We’ve been in the soap opera game long enough to know how the game works. In the case of Days of our lives Alex, the move he’s about to make with Gwen is almost guaranteed to bring Sarah back to town – and rekindle Gwen’s feud with Abigail!
  • Relive the year in Salem, from the mysterious murder of Charlie and Sarah’s disappearance to MarDevil’s baby fever – and everything in between!
  • Eileen Davidson raised more than an eyebrow when she made a surprise appearance as the evil version of Kristen. The question is, will she be back for more? The actress tells that there are two Kristens and if she is ready for other adventures in Salem.
  • Eric was in and out of Salem before we could even blink, but we have a feeling this won’t be the last time we see portrait painter Greg Vaughan. Find out why we’re so sure he’ll be back.

The devil is in the details – and out of Marlena! But as Lori notes, this is the storyline that just won’t die. She is, however, more than a little intrigued by the last possession. Plus, get ready for a wishlist of things she hopes to happen (or stop happening!) In 2022 in Days of our livesweekly soap box.

What happened last week: Realizing that Nicole and Rafe had kissed, a jealous Ava assaulted Duke by chopping off the teddy bear’s head. Marlena’s relatives, including Eric, have come together to drive the devil away from her. What they didn’t realize was that satan had simply moved into the body of Johnny, who had returned to town with Chanel as his wife. As EJ tried to find out who had accused him of kidnapping Sami, Lucas overcame his guilt for committing the act out of love for his favorite ex-wife.


It doesn’t get much crazier than the circumstances that unfolded around the birth of Michael Corinthos – unless you take a step back and watch your whole life! So that’s exactly what we decided to do on his birthday General hospital “start.” Trust us when we say things have been trite for Carly’s son from the start!

  • 2021 was a year of startling stories, searing romances, and villains who just wouldn’t die. Relive all the madness in Port Charles as you take a look back at the Wild and Mad Year.
  • Wally Kurth (Ned) and Easton Rocket Sweda (Leo) spoke about their real-life experiences with autism, and their incredible stories are an inspiration to all of us.
  • New dad Josh Swickard (Chase) started our year off on the right foot with a hilarious photo of his wife and baby girl. And the caption he included made everyone on the internet laugh!
  • Zac Garred’s villainous Levi may have driven us completely nuts, but we wish the actor the best. And after the big news he shared, we hope his wedding goes much better than his Potr Charlies nuptials!

It is undeniable that the last week of the year, as Dustin notes in the General hospital column, came out with a hell of a bang. But now that it’s over, he has a few ideas on how to put some more fun, mystery, and adventure into the series as we head into 2022.

What happened last week: Nina’s hearing started with Willow talking about “Mike” and the blonde’s involvement. Sonny then spoke up and admitted that yes, “Mike” and Nina had been in love. Carly, needless to say, was not happy to hear this news. Anna and Valentine shared a New Years Eve kiss, as did Martin and Lucy. Curtis and Portia have made love. As Sonny and Nina met at Charlie’s, Carly – who missed Jason – ran into her twin brother, Drew, on the catwalk.


As much as we love our soaps, sometimes we have to take a step back and ask ourselves: what’s going on? The young and the restless’ the treatment of Jack and his family right now is one of those moments. Read our take on what’s going on with the Abbotts – but be prepared to feel more than a little frustration!

  • Births, deaths, attempted murders – it’s just a typical day in Genoa City! Now multiply that by 365 and you have a year of crazy stories to tell in our 2021 Year in Review.
  • If there’s one thing a new parent doesn’t need, it’s drama. But that’s exactly what Devon seems to be looking for when asking Abby for shared custody. It certainly caused some drama among the fans! They are definitely angry, and some of them have absolutely crazy suggestions!
  • Victoria knew what she was getting into when she said “yes” to Ashland. Or did she do it? Richard Burgi wonders if there’s a secret she can’t forgive.

Why is everyone in Genoa City so nice these days? This is just one of Candace’s burning questions in the Young and restless soapbox. She hopes 2022 will bring some more drama to all show corner, romance rivalries!

What happened last week: Devon spoke to Nate that he was considering seeking partial custody of Dominic. When Devon pitched the idea to Abby and Chance, there was a lot of talking and hurt feelings, but no final decision was made. As Chloe worried that Chelsea and Sally were both trying to hook ‘that snake’ to Adam, Chelsea admitted to Adam that she was having a hard time moving on. With Jack out of town, Phyllis didn’t know where they were or how she felt. Nick went to Italy to see Summer.

bb days gh year in review

Looking for a bird’s eye view of the soap world over the past year? Well we’ve got you covered with our ultimate 2021 recap where we take a look at all (well, almost) it happened in your four beloved shows.

Were we the only ones who felt like 2021 was full of comings and goings? It’s enough to make our heads spin. Fortunately, we’ve kept them in place long enough to put together a massive story of all the cast and characters who have come and gone over the past year or so.

Now that you are all up to date with what happened over the past week, here are some sneak peeks of what’s to come!

  • Brooke’s little encounter with a full bottle of high-alcohol champagne left her with a little hangover – not to mention a surprise in her bed courtesy of Deacon! She throws him out and decides to tell Ridge the truth as soon as he gets home. But is she really going to turn everything upside down? Watch what happens when Ridge is ahead of her this week Bold and beautiful spoiler video.
  • Lucas’ plan to send EJ up the river without a paddle seems to be working so far. DiMera was removed from his company’s board and Sami returned to him other ex and declared Lucas the love of her life. But will she still feel the same when the truth comes out? Celebrate the new year with Days of our lives in this week’s video spoilers, and get ready for an eventful 2022!
  • An insecure Chelseas spies on Adam and Sally sharing drinks together, then tells her ex that Sally doesn’t deserve it. Adam, of course, pushes her to move on, but no one really thinks that’s going to happen, do they? See how Chelsea reacts this week Young and restless spoiler video.

And finally, Betty White may have been the last star on the soap we had to say goodbye to in 2021, but she was far from the first. Take a look at our heartfelt tribute to all the stars we have lost over the past year.



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