Soap Opera News, recaps and spoilers for the week of March 21, 2022


Plus, previews of what’s to come!

We understood. You are busy. Every once in a while, some of the latest breaking news goes under the radar. But that’s why we’re here – it’s literally our job to keep you up to date with the latest world happenings of the day! that you like The Bold and the Beautiful, Days and Lives, General Hospital or The young and the restless — or all of the above – it’s your one stop shop to find out what’s going on.

Love glory and beautyis Carter used to be one of our favorite characters, but lately he’s been giving us a rough ride. It took some thinking, but we finally understood why he was driving us crazy. Fortunately, this is something that can still be fixed!

Thanks to preemptions, Bold and beautiful had a short week. Still, as Richard points out in this week’s column, the show managed to cram a fair amount of insane plot points into three episodes. Plus, Thomas’ big mistake, Grace’s baffling behavior, Steffy’s memory loss, and more!

What happened last week: Hope and Liam managed to convince Brooke to fight for her marriage. It was pandemonium at Carter’s loft when Grace showed up and found him with her daughter, clearly having just had sex. Paris declared her love for the muscular frame, but her self-sacrificing lover told her she better marry Zende! Meanwhile, Sheila and Thomas have taken turns phoning each other verbally discussing the secret they’re keeping – calls that were partially overheard not only by Deacon, but also by Steffy!

Outside, Eli leans against TR, as he collapses to the ground.  TR holds a gun in his hand.  days of our lives

Lori found a silver lining this week when the real drama of the Eli shooting fallout eclipsed the campy, drawn-out stories she feels must end. Plus, she wondered if Broe and Challie were getting together a little too easily, and if a soap trope was waiting in the wings, ready to explain TR’s behavior this week. days of our lives column.

What happened last week: TR’s ex came to town and told Eli everything, who was then shot in a fight with Lani’s biodad. The devil possessed Belle long enough to cast suspicion on Johnny as the one harboring the demon. After talking to Will about her conflicted feelings, Allie decided to pursue a relationship with Chanel. Elsewhere, Will and Sonny have Chad take Leo to bed, Maggie reluctantly has Sarah committed, and Brady finds Chloe.

Sonny Benard GENERAL HOSPITAL - Episode

Maurice Benard has been making waves while chatting with fans, promising a return to the Sonny of old while making it clear that things will never be exactly the same again. As you can imagine, this made do not go as well as he could have wished!

Color Dustin impressed in this week general hospital column, as he admits that Sydney Mikayla’s Trina went out with a bang. Although he’s still waiting for details on what’s going on with Liz, he was happy that we were starting to get some info on Victor’s big plan. Plus, Friday’s cliffhanger helped advance another mystery!

What happened last week: Anna and Felicia uncover evidence indicating that Luke’s death was no accident. Sam, Dante, and Drew tried to trick Victor into thinking he had the tarot card that controlled Drew, but Carly botched the operation. Esme planted the burn-in phone on which she had recorded Joss and Cam having sex in Trina’s purse and called for an anonymous tip. Liz was stunned to learn that Jake couldn’t be behind Franco’s strange reminders.

young-restless-keemo sister mai texting jack

Young and restless may have missed a huge storyline opportunity when they killed off Keemo, but they also dropped a major clue last week about who texted Jack. Fans wasted no time pointing out who they thought maybe behind it all, but we have our own theory – and it doesn’t involve Patty or Mari Jo!

Young and restless has been dry enough lately to leave Candace feeling parched, but she admits in this week’s column that Ashland’s story, at least, has done its part to quench her thirst for drama. The rest of the series didn’t fare too badly, thanks to some interesting interactions and an intriguing plot surrounding Jack’s story.

What happened this week: The walls began to close in on Ashland when Nate discovered evidence that the man was faking his cancer. Nate warned her best friend that he had no choice but to pass on the damning information to Victoria and her father. Sally got her foot in when she told Lauren that Victor’s men were looking for missing Michael in Peru! In Los Angeles, Jack was rejected by his new granddaughter, Allie, who then returned home to offer a small olive branch… the possibility of a coffee date if they ran into each other again.

Gallo, Violette, Hawkins Chicago Fire

Now that you’re all up to speed on what happened last week, here’s a preview of what to expect!

  • Things look downright crazy in Salem as Belle’s exorcism begins and “WilSon” sets in motion his plan to save Craig from Leo. But their plan might hit a snag when Chad finds out exactly how he plays in it!
  • Jack’s troubles are just beginning after he receives a shocking new text from his mysterious wife. But where – and to whom – will the trail lead?

Finally, Erika Slezak’s birthday made us feel all kinds of nostalgia, so we decided to go back in time with a gallery of A life to live‘s stars, yesterday and today. You’ll be surprised how many faces you’ll recognize Bold and beautiful, days of our lives, general hospital and Young and restless!


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