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Plus, previews of what’s to come!

With so much going on in the daytime world, it’s easy to miss a story or two, including some of the most important happening onscreen. Luckily, we’ve got you covered with our guide to everything that happened in the last week on days of our lives, General Hospital, the Bold and the Beautiful and The young and the restless. Plus, we’ve got previews of what to expect next and even prime-time coverage of the best sudsers!

We’ll admit that ever since Deacon and Taylor crossed paths, we kinda wanted to see them fall in love with each other. This week, however, he’s about to wake up in bed next to someone completely unfamiliar to him. But who is this mysterious woman?

  • If you think Sheila’s “grizzly” fate sounds too good to be true, don’t worry, you’re not alone. But whether we can take it or not, we might have to think about the possibility that she’s not ready for the count yet!
  • Brooke and Ridge are hanging by a thread, but if they end up on different sides in the custody battle over Douglas, that thread could snap.
  • Neither Jacqueline MacInnes Wood nor her character are afraid to walk on the wild side… Indeed, the actress shared a video of a very Steffy’s night out on the town that included drinks, food, dancing – and a dangerous run!
  • Fans have been clamoring for Li and Bill to hook up since the time they met, so naturally Naomi Matsuda and Don Diamont have some thoughts on that. Plus, they have the perfect couple name!
Like all of us, Richard scoffed at the idea of ​​a bear killing Sheila. In fact, if what he speculates is next in this week’s column happens, it will make Sheila’s past reign of terror look like a walk in the park. Also, is he right to think that Hope stings a hornet’s nest?

What happened last week: Hope and Liam kept busy in the cabin, and Steffy and Finn passionately reconnected. Brooke and Ridge, meanwhile, had to deal with her posing for a selfie with Deacon. Upon learning that their parents had kissed in Monaco, Steffy and Thomas mounted a campaign to reunite them. Hope was stunned when Thomas brought up the subject of Douglas coming to live with him. His subsequent conversation with an outraged Deacon was derailed when Brooke showed up to relay that Detective Sanchez had dropped some unbearable news – Sheila Carter had died of mutilation!

martha madison 2019 supporting actress days of our lives

When we think of Belle Black, we generally think of a nice girl… but the portrait artist Martha Madison would not hesitate to reveal the dark side of her alter ego! Find out what else the actress has to say as we celebrate the anniversary of her debut as one of the Days‘ most beloved heroines. Plus, we’ve got a photo gallery that proves Belle wasn’t always so innocent!

Curtis doubted that That is of the last two suspects in Abigail’s murder are guilty, but it seems time is running out for Gwen and Leo. But as Curtis tries to figure out the thriller in this week’s column, one thing he’s surprised to admit is that he enjoyed the ride! Besides, who will win with Stefan: Li or Kristen?

What happened last week: Rolf transplanted Jake’s heart into Stefan but Li, who had funded the operations, told the doctor not to wake him up yet. Chad transported Leo to the station for killing Abigail after Thomas discovered the “tooth fairy” and Brady and Chloe helped Clyde discover the jewel thief’s identity. Brady offered Kristen shared custody of Rachel to leave him alone with Chloe, but she opted to fight him in court instead. “Xarah” learned that Gwen went missing the night of Abigail’s murder and was visited by Ava and Leo the next day. Ava moved into the DiMera mansion where sparks flew with Johnny and EJ overheard her and Gwen talking about their secret. Alex had a falling out with Sonny after Victor hired him at Titan without consulting the CEO.

As Willow deals with her mortality, it’s perfectly understandable that she wants Michael and her unborn baby to have a future, with or without her. But if she pushes her beau to an old flame to make it happen, Willow may just be setting everyone up for even greater pain down the line!
  • Ava and Sonny part two?? Once we may have thought it was impossible, but lately we think it may not be so crazy after all!
  • Cody’s last name seemed like a dead sign that he might be Scotty’s son, right? (Confused? Here’s how!) When we learned the truth, it left some new fans with even more questions — like who was Cody’s mom, Dominique, and what did she have to do with Scott?
  • When a fan came out for Evan Hofer and Dex, Maurice Benard didn’t lose any time jumping to his defense.
  • As Alicia Leigh Willis (ex-Courtney) shared a stunning photo of the moment she got engaged, she couldn’t help but wonder, “How the hell did I get so lucky?”

The past two weeks have dragged on for Dustin, but at least we got a decent shock when we learned who Cody’s mom really was. At least next week, we’ll finally get Trina’s verdict, but if it turns out the way he thinks it will in this week’s column, it’ll put the whole story to a halt!

What happened last week: While talking with Britt about a second date, Cody was introduced to Scott, whom he hit on. Before Cody was arrested, he revealed that Scott’s late wife, Dominique, was his birth mother. Believing her story, Scott dropped the charges. Cody said he only heard about Dominique a few months ago from the woman who raised him and he didn’t know who his father was. Spencer turned down a plea deal that required him to turn in the people who helped him escape from Spring Ridge and was now facing three months in Pentonville. Trina learned that the jury was about to return a verdict in her trial at any moment. Jordan created a distraction that allowed Portia to enter Oz’s room to snap him out of his coma early.

Adam Y&R Office

We’ll admit we’ve been more than a little suspicious of Adam’s determination to uncover the truth behind Ashland’s death. But now that we think we understand why he’s so obsessed and what he’s planning to do, we’re pretty sure Victor won’t be happy!

As Candace waits for some kind of genuine tension to emerge from the investigation into Ashland’s death, one thing that did catching his eye in this week’s column was Chelsea’s relentless needling of Billy. Once a crook, always a crook, right? So what’s his game?

What happened this week: Jack surprised Adam with an offer to come work at Jabot, but Victor’s son was more focused on finding out the truth about Ashland’s death – he even offered to be Luck’s inside man. Chance, meanwhile, was slammed by Abby over the affair after clashing with Victor and Victoria. Summer cautioned Diane, warning her not to manipulate Jack, while Billy advised his ex-lover, Phyllis, to be very careful in enacting her scheme against the resurrected woman. Tessa weighed up a modeling job offer for Marchetti, and Sally’s revelation that she had never dated Imani led to a heated argument between Elena and Nate!


Now that you’re all up to speed on what happened last week, here’s a preview of what to expect!

  • Bold and beautifulThomas may have agreed to discuss Douglas’ care, but after a bit of a push from his family, it looks like this week he’ll be pushing Hope harder than ever!
  • As Alexander tries to work his way into Allie and Chanel’s relationship, Li tries to work his way into Gabi’s heart – and get Stefan out of it! But this week days of our lives The preview reveals that Rolf thinks someone is out to make sure Stefano’s son never wakes up!
  • The young and the restless‘ Diane told anyone who would listen that she was a changed woman. One thing that hasn’t changed, however, is her determination to get Jack’s heart back. Seems impossible, considering what she’s done, doesn’t it? Well, you might not think so after watching this week’s video preview…

Discover not just one, or even two, but four newly updated photo galleries as we catch up with all your favorites from Bold and beautiful, days of our lives, general hospital and Young and restless and their true loves!


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