Soap Opera News, Spoilers and Recaps, Week of September 12, 2022


Plus, get a sneak peek at what’s to come!

With so much going on in the daytime world, it’s easy to miss a story or two, including some of the most important happening onscreen. Luckily, we’ve got you covered with our guide to everything that happened in the last week on days of our lives, General Hospital, the Bold and the Beautiful and The young and the restless. Plus, we’ve got previews of what to expect next and even prime-time coverage of the best sudsers!

Love glory and beauty just set the stage for a seismic upheaval that could prove Liam right – while leaving him out in the cold! But hey, at least Thomas would get everything he wanted.

Something tells us you’ll agree with Richard, who felt like this week’s episodes were basically reruns. Worse, no one seemed to be making smart decisions and, as he discusses in this week’s column, that makes for a very frustrating viewing experience.

What happened last week: Deacon intercepted Sheila when she was planning to make contact with Finn at the cliff house, but eventually she made it to the house where Hayes was alone in the park! The Forresters hosted another family dinner and Thomas invited Hope as “part of the family”. Steffy got snippy with her, while Brooke and Liam had a cabin venting session about Thomas, Taylor and Steffy. A tearful Hope arrived home without Douglas in tow, which upset Liam. Brooke informed Taylor that her campaign to rob Douglas and Ridge had to end that day!

  • Fans who were devastated by Abigail’s murder will finally get some closure. We’ve got the details on Marci Miller’s upcoming comeback…and what it means for “Chabby.”
  • Arianne Zucker (Nicole) and Shawn Christian (ex-Daniel) gave fans a glimpse of their big day with a little dancing, a little humor and a lot of romance.
  • Mary Beth Evans (Kayla) and Stephen Nichols (Steve) are seasoned pros — to make us laugh! Their hilarious blooper shows that sometimes even professionals have a day or two off.
  • As she healed from her devastating loss, Tamara Braun (Ava) turned to the memories of her happy soap opera past to help her move on.

As days of our lives said goodbye to NBC, Curtis thought the time was right in this week’s column to explain how he stopped worrying about the move to Peacock and started getting excited for what was to come. Stefan’s return, Abigail’s murder solved, Kayla, Marlena and Kate in mortal danger – the show has so much to come!

What happened last week: Sonny awoke from his attack, to find himself face to face with a disguised Leo pleading for help to clear his name. Victor, meanwhile, told Alex that he should take over as interim CEO of Titan. Xander and Sarah were eventually married in an intimate ceremony in the Horton household, but their marriage ended on a sour note when Gwen showed up to thank Jack for freeing her and apologize to the couple. married. Orpheus slipped a vial from Dr. Rolf, using it to sicken Kayla, Marlena, and Kate, while Kristen pushed the doc to wake Stefan up early. And since Li and Gabi got engaged, Ava was more convinced than ever that she was losing her mind after seeing “Jake” again!


Nelle’s highly publicized return to general hospital was just a big bust for Dustin, but the show managed to tug at its heart strings with Trina and Spencer’s missed connection. But what happened to Liz? His absence was just one of many issues he had with the show in this week’s column.

What happened last week: Willow dreamed of being terrorized by Nelle, while Nina had a vision of Nelle at her grave. Spencer attended Trina’s celebration party to give her a letter detailing her feelings, but backed out after seeing her happy with Rory. Later, Ava told Trina that Spencer always believed her and only stayed with Esme to prove her innocence. Trina rushed to the station to see Spencer before he was transferred to Pentonville but it was too late. Mac and Felicia began to suspect that Cody was her son with Dominique, but Mac wasn’t sure if she would find out the truth. And Austin’s cousin, Mason, gave him mysterious orders regarding a patient entering General Hospital.

Phyllis Diane Y&R

Has Phyllis put herself in a no-win situation? She’s well on her way to sacrificing everything in her quest to bring Diane down, and even if she wins the battle, she might end up losing the war!

Young and restless there was a lot going on sometimes, but Candace admitted in this week’s column that she still couldn’t help but be bored. This clash of Sally and Nick, however, has shaken her and she is determined to figure it out. who help Diana!

What happened this week: Abby and Chance reconnected, and he then played the Good Samaritan to Chelsea, who was too drunk to go home. Later, Billy invited Chelsea to hang out with Johnny. Chancellor-Winters ended the week in chaos after Jill said she wanted to go public, and Nate stormed out after bumping into Devon again. Faith and Moses left for college, and Nick and Sharon shared lunch with Victor, who reiterated that he wanted Sally to leave Newman Enterprises. Mustache was then surprised to hear Nick defend Adam after he said his defection to Jabot was a betrayal. Meanwhile, Sally had a close encounter with Adam that nearly ended in a kiss, but she was saved by Chloe!

YELLOWSTONE, Cole Hauser, 'Meaner Than Evil', (Season 3, Ep. 309, aired August 16, 2020).  photo: Cam McLeod / ©Paramount Network / Courtesy Everett Collection

Now that you’re all up to speed on what happened last week, here’s a preview of what to expect!

  • Brooke, Brooke, Brooke. For a smart woman – you invented BeLieF, after all – you sometimes make very foolish choices. Like the one in this week’s preview that’s sure to cause all kinds of heartache. It might even give Ridge one more reason to poke fun at Taylor. Is that really what you want?
  • Poor, poor Sally. The Young and restless the beauty has two guys, both rich and gorgeous, chasing her. So what’s the problem, you might ask? She can only choose one! Or can she…

Whether you are new to days of our lives or a longtime fan, check out our guide to who’s who and what in Salem!


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