Soap spoilers for Monday, August 16, 2021


There will be no dull moments this week on The young and the restless, Days of our lives, General hospital and Love glory and beauty! Check out what will happen with our spoilers for August 16, 2021:

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Y&R spoilers for August 16, 2021

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Harrison’s future rests in the hands of Ashland Locke and Kyle Abbott; can these two adversaries put aside their differences to make a responsible decision for the little boy? Today they are going to clear things up.

After Vicky shared her engagement news, Lily couldn’t help but notice Billy’s disappointment. The journalist will wonder if these two former lovers have closed this chapter of their life enough.

Meanwhile, Lily’s brother Devon will usher in a new chapter; Will this require Amanda to move in or frame Moses in the studio? It looks like he’s ready to fly now that the weight of Sutton’s investigation is over.

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DOOL spoilers for August 16, 2021

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All eyes will be on the Price family today as actress matriarch Marla Gibbs makes her first appearance as Olivia. How will Paulina react to the arrival of her mother? Will the two share more of the chemistry that made them successful together on the sitcom? 227 A few years ago ?

Alex’s feelings for Gwen grow so strong that he might even surprise himself when he makes a huge sacrifice for her.

Plus, Sami’s plan to win EJ back may have taken a big step backwards.

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GH spoilers of August 16, 2021

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For a long time GH Viewers, this will hardly be called a spoiler: the party at Wyndemere will be a failure. We can’t be too hard on Spence not to know, though – he’s young.

Who will be on the other end of the phone today when Sam receives a disturbing phone call? Could it be…? Ultimately…? That’s right, Drew Cain is back!

It looks like all of Carly’s previous rounds against Jax were just warm-ups for today’s showdown.

Ava will desperately need Kevin’s professional advice; could it have to do with his twin brother, Ryan? Meanwhile, Mayor Laura will take care of his former daughter-in-law, Liz.

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B&B Spoilers from August 16, 2021

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They’ve only been married a few days, but Finn has already chosen to keep his wife, Steffy a secret. Will it be some secret that starts out innocent, like, say, keeping in touch with Sheila? Or will Finn commit a close-up and present his birth mother to baby Hayes behind Steffy’s back? (More than half of our polled readers believe Sheila is going to kidnap baby Hayes; is that her master plan?)

Carter will share her desire to stop sneaking around with Quinn and become an official and public couple. He seems indifferent to career ramifications, but will Quinn be on the same page?

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