Sydney Soap Opera: Finally Celtic are free from this mob, Hallelujah


Apparently the rangers the complaints are the use of the term Glasgow Derby rather than Old Firm – the latter being an intellectual property term in which Celtic have a stake and veto over its use. Some Celtic fans sometimes complain when this is renewed – at a very low cost – but this is the perfect example of why this is being done.

The paradox on the rangers desperately trying to promote the Old Firm brand – an association between Celtic FC and Rangers FC (liquidated in 2012) – and then wanting nothing to do with Celtic is unanswerable.

Celtic do not use the label Old Firm to describe these games, since 2015 when games against Charles Green’s club started these have been called Glasgow Derbies by Celtic. As for the timing of the announcement, Celtic came early, maybe a tactical call, maybe not, but after that early outrage there were few signs it was causing Celtic too much trouble. .

Rumors that Celtic were being paid better may or may not be true – but as part of a propaganda war it certainly worked and the disarray it was all causing across town was clearly not something that would have affected anyone at Celtic. .

Now the event organizers – who have a valid contract, entered into in good faith – now have a decision to make as to their legal response given that the rangers The board alleged that the organizers were unwilling to meet their commitments to the latest club Ibrox.

It looks like heading to the courtroom and it could be expensive for the rangers who said at the start of this soap opera that they were making more money from it than they were getting from an entire season of TV money from the deal the SPFL brokered with Sky Sports.

The two clubs meet on Sunday when Old Firm terminology kicks into high gear – John Hartson, have a word with yourself big man – and anything other than a home win will leave the Ibrox club with a mountain to climb then as they look to hold on to their first-ever title win.

They will also have an eye on subscription renewals and the scenario of trying to sell their season books at a time when their fans are in open revolt over attending the Sydney Super Cup and also because a Six-point lead was thrown away as Ange Postecoglou pushes Celtic towards the title. The war games that went through, with the GSL active in the background, may have resulted in the decision yesterday that they should take the hit by losing Sydney’s (much needed) cash in order to secure their sales of subscriptions.

There’s also a silver lining to this for anyone who wants to see the return of the biggest away ticket allocation for these Glasgow Derby matches. If their renewals are below standard, they may need to consider taking £7,500 x 2 x £52 off the Celtic stand next season by releasing the Broomloan stand. Stranger thing, Ange is really doing miracles at Celtic! Perhaps an allocation of 2500 is more realistic as Celtic have high demand anyway.

And a few other points to highlight. The Scottish media can be counted on to take a sympathetic approach to any story involving the Ibrox club. After all, they support Scottish football’s big lie, the continuity myth of 2012, on a daily basis, but that is NOT the case with the Australian media which today crams into the rangers.

And the last point is extremely important for Celtic. When at any time in the future a brand manager or marketing manager tells Celtic that in Glasgow they need both Tom and Jerry if they want to do a cartoon together then Celtic have now the perfect answer. The broken contract on the Sydney Super Cup.

Finally, the other Celts, Celtic is freed from this crowd. Alleluia.


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