Telma Hopkins returns in “The Young and the Restless”


Former star of the sitcom “Family Matters” Telma Hopkins is back for more soapy drama on “The Young and the Restless” as private investigator Denise Tolliver, Soap Network has learned. The actress will appear in episodes of the daytime drama series broadcasting both the week of August 16 and the week of August 23.

While specific storyline details are being kept under wraps outside of his character’s service request, we can confirm that Hopkins will once again be sharing scenes with Bryton james (Devon Hamilton) who played her television son “Little Richie” on the ’90s ABC sitcom. When we last saw Denise in June, she helped uncover a dark secret from Amanda Sinclair (Michael Morgan) pass.

Monty Brinton / CBS | Bryton james, Telma Hopkins (“Family matters”)

“It’s kind of like coming home”, Hopkins Recount Weekly entertainment in June about her reunion with James. She added: “The circle has come full circle. I don’t feel like I’ve ever lost touch with him, but it’s certainly nice to look across a room and see that smiley face I’m so used to. We feel like at home, like family, like Family Matters.

Since the airing of his first series of “Y&R” episodes, Hopkins landed a starring role in the NBC pilot, “Dangerous Moms”. In the potential series, Hopkins appears alongside Linda Park, Vanessa Marano, Shanola hampton and Dascha Polanco when a group of diverse mothers accidentally kill their school’s PTA queen bee while demonstrating a new high-end food processor. Thematically, the dark comedy drama is about friendship and family as the group of unprepared women struggle with the daily demands of life as their world is turned upside down. Hopkins will play Fatima, the spirited manager of one of Pia’s (Polanco) buildings, where she takes care of her own grandson. She is also a full-time embalmer at a popular funeral home.

“Dangerous Moms” is a joint production of Warner Bros. Television and Univeral Television.

In addition to “Family Matters”, Hopkins has appeared in sitcoms such as “Gimme a Break”, “Half and Half” and “The New Odd Couple”, among others. She recently reoffended in Netflix’s “Dead to Me” and “Family Reunion”.

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