The 10 most hated sitcom characters


Every sitcom needs a nasty character or two to create conflict, humor, or to give fans a sense of who to root for. While some characters are intentionally overpowering, sometimes a character created with good intentions can backfire, becoming a target for viewers’ wrath. A character may even start with being loved and then arouse resentment.

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There are characters who play their objectionable roles, and others who are at least supposed to be likable. Even the protagonists of some sitcoms can unwittingly rub people the wrong way. In the end, the most distasteful characters are often familiar faces from favorite sitcoms.

ten Diane Chambers of Cheers was a snob

well done the rooms sat

Diane created a lot of conflict in Cheers. His friction and choppy romance with Sam are especially memorable. Although this created a lot of material for Cheers’ intrigue and was a big part of what made Cheers so successful, fans were put off by Diane’s talkativeness and her more holy demeanor than you. Carla made no secret of how much she disliked Diane and was in many ways a voice for fans who shared that sentiment.

9 Screech Powers From Saved By The Bell Wasn’t Cool When It Wasn’t Cool To Be Uncool

In a time when it wasn’t cool to be uncool yet, Screech Powers was a famous face on Saved by the Bell. Screech Powers was Zach Morris’ lackey, and his high pitched voice and odd manners made him an unpopular character early on in the series. Worse, he was not cool because of his passions, but because of his habit of betraying his friends and his principles. Even the actor who played Screech, the late Dustin Diamond, didn’t like him. He cited his portrayal of the dweeb in pursuit of Lisa as the reason he was unable to develop his acting career, which shows how Diamond did a great job with the character.

8 Leonard Hofstadter’s Big Bang Theory Was Too Much

There are a number of reasons Leonard Hofstadter wasn’t the friendliest character in The Big Bang Theory. While he proclaimed himself the king of nerds, he did not wear that honor with pride, wearing t-shirts of his favorite superheroes hidden under shirts, hoodies and jackets.

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Leonard’s jealous and obsessive behavior throughout his relationship with Penny was sometimes difficult to watch. He also slept with one of his best friend’s sisters and cheated on Penny with Mandy Chow on a boat in the middle of the North Sea.

seven Tobias lost fans as stopped development continued

Tobias from Arrested Development

Although pleasant to watch in the early seasons of Development stopped, Tobias Fünke, played by David Cross, suffered from an unsympathetic character arc. Seasons 4 and 5 weren’t kind to Tobias. He has grown less caring and more selfish and silly over time, and fans have found him more and more boring and silly. Tobias still has fans, but in Season 5 they relied heavily on the goodwill that Tobias had built up over Seasons 1-3.

6 Seinfeld’s Kenny Bania angered Jerry as well as viewers

Seinfeld Kenny Bania

It’s understandable that fans didn’t like Kenny Bania in Seinfeld because it was not written to be loved. He was a boring stand-up comedian who hung on to Jerry like a leech, trying to further his acting career. His dress sense, the cheap comedy stuff and that irritating, almost provocative smile were all part of what made Bania unbearable. While Newman was Jerry’s nemesis, Bania was like a nasty rash with a punctureable face.

5 Deangelo Vickers from the office had an impossible job

Deangelo Vickers on The Desktop

While Michael Scott could rub people the wrong way, he had a charm and innocence that made him likable. He was such a big part of Office that when he left, whoever replaced him had big shoes to fill in and was going to have a hard time pleasing fans of the show. When Will Ferrell’s star power isn’t enough on its own, you know the job is tough.

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Michael’s replacement Deangelo Vickers didn’t appear to have any redeemable qualities. All he seemed to do was create a feeling of unease in the office. Although he also made Andy Bernard his prankster monkey.

4 Frasier’s Simon Moon oozed a lot but charm wasn’t one of them

frasier simon moon open mouth drinking

Many of the characters in TV shows are meant to be hated but are also charming, funny, and even ironically likable. Viewers love to hate them or appreciate their personalities if not their opinions. Simon Moon of Frasier is not one of those characters. Daphne’s bulky brother is supposed to have a playfulness sparkling in his eyes. Unfortunately, he comes across as an obnoxious jerk. Fans across the UK had even more reason to dislike Simon thanks to his unconvincing “British” accent.

3 Ted Mosby of How I Met Your Mother went into way too much detail

Ted Mosby How I met your mother

Like the ‘I’ in how I Met Your Mother, viewers knew Ted Mosby very well, and seeing him in so many situations gave fans plenty of reasons to dislike him. Besides choosing to include the sordid details of his love life when telling the show’s story to his kids, he was also a hypocrite, titled, a cheater, and a birthday dumper (twice ). Some characters grow up with fans over time, but Ted has simply exhausted his welcome.

2 Cheryl David of Curb Your Enthusiasm Didn’t Have Larry’s Back

cheryl larry david curb your enthusiasm sitting in chairs

Cheryl had to put up with Larry’s idiosyncrasies in Calm your enthusiasm. Because of this, Cheryl was often caught in embarrassing situations caused by Larry. Perhaps because of her exhaustion from his behavior, she didn’t stand up for Larry very often, if ever, even when he was clearly the aggrieved party. She also poked fun at her perceived laziness after Seinfeld even though she wasn’t working. When Larry temporarily passed away in The end, Cheryl wasted no time asking what was going to happen with her will. This behavioral mess and perceived disloyalty helped Cheryl to appear in bad fan books.

1 Ross Geller of Friends made an unforgivable mistake

Ross Geller demonstrating unagi in Friends

Monica Geller’s geeky older brother Ross, played by David Schwimmer, is known for his nerdiness, social awkwardness, and multiple divorces. Despite his positive attributes, no matter how funny, kind, or charming Ross was throughout Friends, many fans felt that her character could not be redeemed after cheating on Rachel. Sometimes all it takes is an unforgivable mistake. By betraying one of the show’s fan favorites, Ross elicited a lot of well-deserved disgust from fans of the show.

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