The 10 Most Relevant Sitcom Characters, Ranked


There is nothing better than lying on the couch and putting on a good sitcom after a long, hard day. The ability to just relax and laugh at the misadventures of one’s favorite characters in their lifetime can help melt the stress out of reality.

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But the best sitcoms and the best characters are the ones that viewers find themselves on a deeper level. We see a part of ourselves in them. Sometimes it’s big portions. Other times it’s smaller aspects. However, whatever the case, there is something about all of them that fans connect to on a deeper level than they realize.

ten Rebecca Bunch is our obsession with the past

While most people aren’t about to cross the country to follow someone they had a crush on at summer camp some fifteen years earlier, Rachel Bunch’s story on crazy ex-girlfriend is one that many people can relate to.

While Rachel has taken it to the extreme, a lot of people have something in their past that has gone wrong that they can’t figure out why or how it happened. This memory eats away at the back of our mind, sometimes coming to the fore, keeping us awake at night wondering what could have been.

9 Ben Wyatt is the goal of being good enough

Parks and Recreation Ben Wyatt

Where Rachel Bunch couldn’t get past a moment of her past, Ben Wyatt became the poster boy for growth from the teenage mayor who created Ice Town to a well-rounded and very well-rounded government worker. respected on Parks and recreation.

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More so, Ben found the love of his life in Leslie Knope and supported his career goals, understanding that his success was his and his success was his. For Ben, being with Leslie was the best thing that could happen, and that kind of feeling is something everyone wants.

8 Cory Matthews lived in high school like us

Boy Meets World hug each other

No one has the exact same journey in high school, but there are times we all go through these years, and no TV character has captured those moments like Corey Matthews on Boy meets the world.

Cory’s life from a young teenager through college was there for the world to watch, and on more than one occasion every viewer cringed at a moment they themselves went through. . Corey walked through his growing pains on TV so we all knew we weren’t alone.

7 Phil Dunphy never stopped being a child

Phil Dunphy of Modern Family

No matter how old a person is, there is a part of them that will always be a child. The excitement that comes with a new toy, whether it’s a figure, a video game, or a new surround sound system, never goes away. What changes is that the older we get, the harder it can be to reconnect with those dizzying childhood feelings that made the days so much more fun.

But on Modern family, Phil Dunphy has always found a way to reconnect with these feelings, often by joining his youngest child, Luke, in a horribly crafted plan that is sure to make everyone laugh.

6 Lucy Ricardo wanted to be more


Almost everyone dreams of being famous. Not everyone makes this dream come true, but everyone has dreamed of walking a red carpet and hanging out with the stars at the Oscars after-parties. It looks like it would be a blast.

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And that’s all Lucy wanted I love lucy. She wanted to see her name in the lights and be a part of the nighttime show that her husband, Ricky, was putting on in his nightclub. She wanted to be more than just a housewife, she wanted to be a valued and encouraged person.

5 Chidi Anagonye wanted to understand only one thing

The Right Place - Chidi and Eleanor

Insecurity and indecision can really eat into a person, and for Chidi Anagonye, ​​his inability to trust himself and make the simplest choices not only led to his death but put him in the wrong place on The right place. But what makes Chidi so easy to get along with is that not everyone feels sure about the choices he has made and spends too much time trying to make new choices in their lifetime. We worry about the minor details, trying to make sure what we’re doing is exactly the right thing, forgetting that the important thing is to live.

4 Jim Halpert just wanted to get through the day at work

Anyone who has worked nine to five hours in an office knows that a lot of this kind of work is just finding ways to fill your time. Just like Jim Halpert on Office, we start to find ways to deal with our more than likely incompetent boss and maybe spend a little too much time trying to figure out what’s going on with the weird guy in the office. After all, if it’s a must to fill out one more report or attend one more long meeting for nothing, we might as well find a way to at least make it all bearable.

3 Pam Beesly wanted to be happy

While Jim Halpert did all he could to distract himself from work at Office, her co-conspirator in All That Is Fun, Pam Beesly, always wanted to see what the world had to offer outside of the Dunder Mifflin offices. In addition to her artistic abilities, Pam was more in tune with the world around her than most of her colleagues, and from the start what she wanted more than anything was to be happy. Fortunately, Pam found this happiness in herself and in the family she started with Jim.

2 Lois Wilkerson wanted an orderly life

malcolm laws in the middle

While having a family was a dream come true for Pam Beesly, for Lois Wilkerson it was kind of a nightmare. Mother on Malcolm in the middle, Lois not only had to try to keep her family’s home from falling apart while her husband struggled to deal with the basic concepts of an adult, she had to do everything while being the only person responsible for her job. .

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With four wild kids and a rather useless husband, Lois was trapped in a life of chaos, and there are times when we all feel like we’re surrounded by a bunch of kids running around to smash everything.

1 George Costanza just wanted a good day

George Costanza in his Goretex coat on Sienfeld

In all of television history, there is no other character like George Costanza. Jerry Seinfeld’s childhood friend on SeinfeldGeorge had the misfortune of always finding himself in the worst situations. Even when things seemed to be going well for old Georgie-boy, he always found a way to ruin everything, whether it was his job or his upcoming marriage.

And while we don’t always end up with a short straw, we all have times when we feel like nothing is right and nothing is right. And in those moments, we are all George Costanza.

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