The Big Bang Theory vs. How I Met Your Mother: Which Sitcom Is Better?


How I Met Your Mother and The Big Bang Theory are both titans of the pre-streaming sitcom era, but what is actually the best comedy?

The Big Bang Theory and how I Met Your Mother are among the most popular sitcoms of the 21st century, representatives of a dying breed of blockbuster network sitcoms finding new life in second-run syndication. In the age of live broadcasts, they are already throwbacks to another era. But their somewhat dated character also testifies to their monumental success. After all, what streaming comedy has gone over to new – or, in the case of The Big Bang Theory – 12 seasons? These older shows are just built differently, really leveraging the episodic nature of sitcoms to create a massive library of content.

However, this backlog can be intimidating when trying to decide which series to dedicate hours to (and hours) to watch. Dive into one or the other The Big Bang Theory Where how I Met Your Mother is an intimidating commitment, and it can often be disheartening to hear that he only gets really good with several seasons in his run. Each brings their own strengths and weaknesses, and even with the highly subjective nature of comedy, it is possible to identify trends and patterns. Let’s break down each show and determine which one is most likely to attract potential fans.

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Why the way I met your mother is better than the Big Bang Theory

how I Met Your Mother is good for the same reason The princess to marry is good. It sounds strange to say, but the two stories share a remarkable amount of DNA. The princess to marry tells about a man telling a story to his grandson; how I Met Your Mother talks about the main character, Ted, telling his children the story of his meeting with his wife. This framing structure allows both to play with the way the events within are represented. Looking at How I Met Your Mother, fans don’t see events unfold as they actually happened; they are filtered through Ted’s story, which may jump back in time or is told by an unreliable narrator.

This allows the writers to adapt their storytelling techniques in a way that is not present in most comedies. Ted’s stories are easily compared to other sitcoms, depicting the episodic adventures of a tight-knit group of friends. But the episodes will most often have a single structure. The Season 9 episode “How Your Mother Met Me” describes events from the titular mother’s perspective, while “Game Night” features stories within the story as each friend recounts the most embarrassing moment of his life. how I Met Your Mother is unabashedly ambitious, and his greatest hits are spectacular to see.

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Why the Big Bang Theory is Better Than How I Met Your Mother

On the other hand, The Big Bang Theory is much more grounded. It is first the story of two physicists from Caltech who cross the hallway of a classic “girl next door”. Shenanigans ensue. The show also deals heavily with the growing popularity of “nerd culture,” with its characters acting as conduits for exploring comics, video games, and science fiction. While he often only uses the surface attributes of these properties, his initial seasons are a refreshing change from toxic representations of non-vulnerable masculinity.

The Big Bang Theory It also benefits a lot from its resistance: the show stretched for three more seasons than how I Met Your Mother, and for good reason. This latest show withered on the vine in its final season, bombing particularly hard with its almost universally vilified finale. Die-hard fans might be ready to watch beyond that, and episodic shows are less dependent on an overall arc, but the ending is still part of the story. The Big Bang Theory has remained more or less constant throughout its run, adding new characters and becoming more and more stable.

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BBT versus. HIMYM: Which modern sitcom is really the best?

Ted and Tracey in the rain under a yellow umbrella.

Which show is “the best” will always be a matter of individual preference, but how I Met Your Motherwillingness to take big swings and miss deserves more praise than The Big Bang Theorythe bland popularity of. It doesn’t help that this latest show has often criticized the “nerd culture” it claims to defend. Although no group is sacrosanct and immune to a well-crafted joke, The Big Bang Theoryyou often had the impression of laughing To nerds instead of laughing with them. On the other hand, how I Met Your Mother we always have the impression of inviting the public into Ted’s life. Its heartwarming storytelling elevates what would otherwise be a fairly typical sight to a beautiful journey through a single lifetime of love and heartbreak.

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