The Cast of Larkins: Who’s In ITV’s New Darling Buds of May Sitcom?


The Larkins will see ITV bring beloved characters from the Darling Buds of May novels back to TV screens 30 years after David Jason, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Pam Ferris brought Ma, Pop and Mariette to life.

There’s a new cast and never a dull moment as The Larkins follows heart of gold wheel merchant Pop Larkin and his wife Ma, along with their six children, including the lovely Mariette, as they bask in their idyllic and beautiful piece of paradise in Kent.

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Let’s find out more about the cast of this reboot.

Bradley Walsh – Pop

As Pop, TV presenter and actor Bradley is the ultimate life and soul of the party. Heart of gold, always wanting to bring out the best in people, never judges, generous. But don’t cross him because he won’t let him lie.

You know Bradley well, of course, from everything right now, from The Chase to Beat the Chasers and Blankety Blank. But Brad has also had a few acting jobs, including Law & Order UK, Doctor Who – and remember when he was on Coronation Street as Danny Baldwin?

Joanna Scanlan – Ma

Ma is fun, a down to earth mother, and not to be embarrassed especially when it comes to her children. She loves her husband, her community and hates snobbery and bullying – if she witnesses it, she will definitely call him.

Joanna Scanlan, who grew up in North Wales, has a TV CV as impressive as Brad’s. She has appeared in No Offense, The Accident, Rev, Stella, Getting On and The Thick of It.

Sabrina Bartlett – Mariette

Sabrina takes over the role that sent Catherine Zeta-Jones stratospheric and as before, Mariette is moving, beautiful, brilliant, effortlessly cool. Desire to step out into the big world and ignore male admirers on the left, right and center.

The 30-year-old actress has had recent roles in Bridgerton, as Siena Rosso, and was Abigail Turner in Victoria.

Sabrina has also starred in Game of Thrones, Da Vinci’s Demons, and Versailles.

Tok Stephen – Cédric ‘Charley’ Charlton

The love interest of Mariette who is trying to look older and act more seriously but seems nervous. He works at the Office of the Tax Inspector – stays with the Larkins and falls in love with Mariette. He is determined to earn her affection despite the stiff competition.

Tok has had few TV roles, but they’ve all starred in solid TV shows like Silent Witness, Holby City, and Grantchester.

In theater, Tok has been seen in Boudica at the Globe, MacBeth at RADA and Summer and Smoke at the Duke of Yorks.

Tony Gardner – Alec Stephen

Pop’s nemesis. Prissy in a blazer. He’s a commuter with classy pretensions, but little more than a supercharged teenager. Jealous of his popularity, he can’t stand Pop and is determined to make him suffer.

Tony is recognizable to a whole generation of CITV viewers as My Parents’ father are extraterrestrials. He has also appeared in Stella, Fresh Meat, Last Tango in Halifax and Gentleman Jack.

Amelia Bullmore – Miss Edith Pilchester

The Gentleman Jack and Scott & Bailey star is a middle-aged old maid on endless village committees, but lonely and unsatisfied.

She feels the pinch but plays everything, especially if she is encouraged by Pop she adores.

Of course, Amelia is also the legendary Sonja from the second series of I’m Alan Partridge.

Stephen Hagan – Tom Fisher

Irish actor Stephen is known to viewers as Lucky Man’s Rich opposite James Nesbitt.

As Tom, he’s a gentle charmer with an edge that is ultimately caught off guard. He is a great newcomer to the village and wants to develop and expand the village

Kriss Dosanjh – Brigadier

Kriss has been to Corrie, Emmerdale, EastEnders and Holby City.

You may also know him as Mr. Sandhu from This Is England.

In The Larkins, he’s a retired Indian Army officer, who struggles for a pension and lives with his sister Miss Chand.

Seeta Indrani – Miss Chand

The bossy headmistress of the village school, the Miss Chand Seeta actress, who you know from so many British dramas like Footballers Wives, Doctors, EastEnders and of course she was PC Datta in 411 episodes of The Bill.

Seeta was recently seen in Catastrophe and Unforgotten.

Peter Davison – Vicar

The fifth Doctor Who plays the smoker and drinker vicar who loves to chat. Davison is a television veteran, with roles in the first incarnation of All Creatures Great and Small, The Last Detective, Law & Order: UK, At Home with the Braithwaites and many more.

The Larkin children

Primrose is played by Lydia Page, Montgomery by Liam Middleton, Victoria by Lola Shepelev and the twins, Petunia and Zinnia, by Rosie & Davina Coleman.

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