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Yes General hospital viewers were playing a drinking game they had to blow into whenever Hayden’s name was mentioned, they would all pass out at the end of any recent episode. Shawn’s determination to find out who really shot the beauty – not to mention Nikolas’ desire to keep the truth from coming out – led her to be the most mentioned invisible character since Norm’s wife Vera, the Cheers.

But on August 6, we get closer to what appears to be the inevitable return of Hayden and her performer, Rebecca Budig. Why? Because it’s the day Hayden’s mother Naomi Dreyfus shows up. While the role has been played in the past by Robin Riker (perhaps best known to soap fans for her time as Brooke’s mother, Beth, on Love glory and beauty), Naomi will this time be played by Gigi Birmingham.

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Birmingham is no stranger to the day. In fact, in 2006, she played Dr. Lois Banks, a psychopath who has repeatedly tried to get rid of everyone’s favorite soap shrink, Days of our lives“Marlene!

Naomi, you may remember, is the wife of Raymond Berlin’s ex-wife… that’s where things get a bit tricky, in true soap style. Because although Hayden Barnes’s real name is Rachel Berlin, if she took her real father’s name she would be Rachel Webber given that she is actually the product of an affair between Naomi and Dr Jeff Webber.

While it’s unclear if or when Budig’s Hayden will return to Port Charles, it seems almost inevitable that the search for his shooter will lead to the character’s return. And the timing certainly couldn’t be better, with half-sister Elizabeth getting closer every day to Finn, who happens to be Hayden’s ex and father to her adorable daughter, Violet.

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What do you think, the cast of detectives? Is this appearance of Hayden’s mother just a coincidence or does it open the door to the character’s return? While we’re thinking about it, why not check out this gallery of General hospital characters that, like Hayden, we would like to see again on the web!


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