The famous Soap Opera became Primetime Star


Marcia Cross, full name Marcia Anne Cross, is a famous American actress. Aged 59, she has a full and extensive career that started from daytime soap opera to primetime television.

His roles in his dramas have won him recognition and praise from critics and audiences.

Her notable roles in soap operas include The Edge of Night, One Life to Live and Another World. She then starred in Melrose Place and later found acclaim playing Bree Van de Kamp, a housewife on the 2004-12 ABC television series Desperate Housewives.

Life before his career

Born March 25, 1962, Marcia Cross grew up in Marlborough, Massachusetts. She is of Irish and English descent and was raised as a Catholic.

She graduated from Marlborough High School in 1980, earning her half a scholarship to go to Juilliard.

Going further, she graduated and completed her college education in the year 1984 by undergoing a BFA in acting.

In 1997, thirteen years after her last training, she returned to the field of education to complete her master’s degree in psychology. She pursued this in 2003 at Antioch University in Los Angeles.

She has two siblings. Her mother, Janet, was a teacher and her father, Mark Cross, was a personnel manager.

The career of Marcia Anne Cross

In 1984, Marcia Anne launched her career when she appeared on The Edge of Night.

She played a (recurring) role of the character of Liz Correll. After appearing in other films with notable names such as Johnny Cash and Kris Kristofferson, she joined One Life to Live, ABC’s daytime opera, until 1987.

In that tenure, she had appeared in The Last Days of Frank and Jesse James, Quantum Leap, Knots Landing, Who’s the Boss, and Cheers.

She then appeared for about 5 seasons in Melrose Place, a Fox primetime soap opera. Some commercial and mainstream names she has starred in are Seinfeld, Boy Meets World, CSI, etc.

Perhaps her most globally recognized role is that of Bree Van de Kamp in the hit television series Desperate Housewives.

Hot off its first season, Desperate Housewives received six of its seven Emmy nominations.

The show premiered in 2004 and Marcia Cross was subsequently nominated for several awards for her role. His nominations include an Emmy, three Golden Globes and five Screen Actors Guild Awards.

She then won two film actors with a cast and a Satellite Award. The series ended in 2014, after eight seasons.

Now, all of her fans have been sent into a tailspin by a trailer for a revival of Desperate Housewives, which comes 10 years after the iconic show ended.

The personal life of Marcia Cross

As evidenced by her upbringing and her life, Marcia Cross was interested in the field of theater and the stage at an early age.

She took piano and dance lessons while being the mascot of her high school during school games. She went to Ceil Sharon School of Dance for her apprenticeships.

Her first step into the acting world was when she appeared in the play The Witch of Blackbird Pond.

On the relationship side, Marcia was the companion of a 25-year-old senior from her, Richard Jordan. After Jordan died in 1993 from a brain tumor, she married Tom Mahoney, a stockbroker, in 2006.

Shortly after the wedding, Marcia Cross underwent in vitro fertilization and gave birth to fraternal twin girls.

Her daughters are called Eden and Savannah and were born in February 2007, when Marcia Cross had just turned 45.

Ongoing Activities – Appearance of the Wheel of Fortune with Pat Sajak

On Celebrity Wheel of Fortune, the evening turned out to be interesting when Marcia Cross appeared on the show alongside Karl-Anthony Towns (Minnesota Timberwolves player) and Anthony Anderson (Black-ish star).

Each of the celebrities competed against each other to raise money for their individual charities.

In the show’s “Before and After” puzzle segment, Karl Towns accidentally solved the puzzle, but it wasn’t his turn.

After arbitration by the producer, who was requested by host Pat Sajak, the decision turned in favor of guest Anthony Anderson. He answered the puzzle correctly and won the round.

Pat Sajak, the host, humorously explained the verdict that they had to abide by the show’s rules. And he referenced that with the NBA, where the referee rarely, if ever, misses a call. This amusing exchange had the public and the fans cracking up.

Marcia Cross has also raised a substantial amount of money for the charity of her choice, Stand Up to Cancer. The amount she raised was $62,150.

Marcia Cross’s battle with cancer

Marcia Cross has proven time and time again that she is a recognized actress who has influenced many others.

His shows Melrose Place and Desperate Housewives are still known and discussed to this day. But unfortunately for her, she suffered from cancer.

Marcia Cross suffered from anal cancer and her husband above her also suffered from throat cancer. His cancer was also linked to HPV.

According to sources, Marcia Cross’s cancer has been in remission since 2018. Her previous stint in chemotherapy was in 2017.

Mouth pain and stomach problems, cancer proved to be very troublesome for the famous star. But she has remained positive and tries to be aware of people whenever she gets the chance.

“For some reason, I have no shame.” She discovered her cancer during her routine check-up with her gynecologist.

“I wanted to continue my career and my life” Cross said later. Although she has been seen playing the role of cancer spokesperson with grace and completion, as of 2018 Cross has been in remission.


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