The Five Best Game Show Hosts On TV Right Now


Game shows have been popular with audiences since the 1960s. The hosts we know so well kept us entertained while giving contestants the chance to win spectacular prizes. Although most early game show hosts have long since retired or passed away, new representatives have filled the position. In addition to some of the old nostalgic game shows still on the air, there are new ones that offer a variety of genres. The host sets the tone and they are an important part of the formula that makes or breaks the show. Here are the five best game show hosts on TV right now.

1. Jeopardy host Alex Trebek

Jeopardy is a long-running game show that has long been an intellectual favorite since 1984. Alex Trebek, the Canadian native is still as smart, witty and sexy as he was years ago and he still hosts the series. Jeopardy is produced by Merv Griffin. Candidates are invited to provide the questions to the given answers to compete for money and prizes. Trebek’s dry humor is infused in all segments, but what amazes us is the host’s cool and intellectual demeanor. He’s a guy who has it all. Appearance, personality, intelligence and a successful career as a beloved icon.

2. Wheel of Fortune Host Pat Sajak

Pat Sajak, like Alex Trebek, has hosted this game show since 1983 and is still going strong with co-host Vanna White. Three contestants try to guess hidden phrases by spinning the wheel and guessing one letter at a time until they have enough clues to attempt success. They fight over money, vacations, cars and other prizes. The popular game show host is lighthearted and makes the show fun to watch.

3. Tyra Banks, hostess of America’s Got Talent

Tyra Banks, famous for hosting reality TV show America’s Top Model, took the place of former host Nick Cannon on the sensational America’s Got Talent. This is her first season hosting the show, but she’s off to a great start. She brings a great sense of humor with wit and a great stage presence that helps drive the show forward. Nick was tough to replace but Tyra is doing a great job and fans are excited to see her on the show.

4. Drew Carey host of The Price is Right

Bob Barker hosted the popular game show until 2007 when Drew Carey took the helm as host. Competitors are invited to ‘come down’ as four lucky guests from the public are invited to compete for cash and prizes. Everyone must guess the prices of everyday objects. the winner competes in three more pricing games, then spins the Ferris wheel for a chance to head to the Showcase Showdown. Only the two biggest winners of this round go on to the finals where they play for more prizes.

5. Steve Harvey host of Family Feud

The show is still airing in an updated version of the hit game show previously hosted by Richard Dawson. Five family members are chosen to compete against a rival family for a chance to win $20,000. One member of each family competes to get the fastest and most popular answer to a poll question for the chance to start the round of questions and answers. The first family to reach 300 advances to the final round for a chance to win the top prize. Harvey is highly regarded in this show as his bubbly personality sets a happy and positive tone for the show. He encourages all contestants to win.

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