The Hudson Valley Has A Huge Cameo On New Hit Sitcom


Hollywood has officially arrived in the Hudson Valley. The Hudson Valley Film Commission recently announced that 2022 will be a banner year for productions in the region. But what about the Hudson Valley cameos? A recent major network sitcom had more than a few local references this week.

TV shows set in Hudson Valley, NY

The new CBS show Ghosts is filmed in Los Angeles and Canada, but the series is supposed to be set in Ulster County, NY. The series focuses on the accidental paranormal adventures of an ex-urban couple who move upstate (does that hit a little too close to home for us Valley Lifers? the Hudson?). From CBS:

Samantha and Jay throw both caution and money to the wind when they decide to convert a dilapidated country estate they inherited into a bed and breakfast – only to find it’s inhabited by the many opinionated spirits of deceased residents who now reside there.

Hudson Valley references in TV and movies

While the show is currently on rerun ahead of the second season airing later this year, an observant New Paltz resident took to Facebook to share all of the recent Hudson Valley references on the show. “‘Phantom[s]’ has lots of mentions of the Hudson Valley, the Lenape Indians, and more tonight. And they pronounced ‘Lenape’ correctly!” she exclaimed. Other fans of the show chimed in with additional references.

“They mention being in the Hudson Valley and Ulster County,” a fan of the show offered. “There are quite a few references to Ulster County. I love this show,” another agreed. So if they film in or talk on the Hudson Valley, I think it’s safe to say that we’re living our Hollywood moment. Check out a clip from the show below and keep scrolling to see some of the most famous movies and TV shows that were filmed right here in our hometown.

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