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Even though Virat Kohli clarifies everything in his pre-departure press conference ahead of Wednesday’s South African tour in Mumbai, he is still unlikely to stop the drama that has been unfolding in Indian cricket for the past few months. In many ways, this is déjà vu.

The chaotic times of 2005, when Sourav Ganguly was sacked as captain, then head coach Greg Chappell was (unfairly to some extent) portrayed as the only villain destroying the fabric of Indian cricket. Then, it is the maturity and the sensitivity of the new captain Rahul Dravid who managed this tumultuous period with a lot of maturity and grace.

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Incidentally, Ganguly and Dravid are in the picture again, although not directly, but they could have played and can still play a much bigger role in extinguishing this unnecessary controversy. More than Dravid, who has just taken over as a new coach, we expected a little more from Indian cricket Dada. Ganguly himself had been through it all, which Kohli may be feeling now and yet, in both cases, the role of the governing body, BCCI, has not changed, namely to remain a silent spectator while ‘a great ego conflict seems to be happening in front of the public eye.

Sometimes it can even seem like no one cares about this new controversy and simply blaming it on “the media imagination” everyone is enjoying the daily episode of the new soap opera.

Since BCCI still does not believe in professional communication between all stakeholders in the game, we will always find these kinds of “sources close to senior BCCI officials”, “multiple sources within the board” and ” which follow developments ”. more references in cricket reporting than was prevalent a decade ago. At one time, unless you’re a Dravid, every Ram, Rahim, Rambo, and Ranjit has a social media account with a decent number of followers and every speculation can be countered in a minute, but none do. .

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There are two major aspects of this new “controversy” between two of the most prominent cricketers of this generation. The first is Rohit Sharma’s hamstring injury which effectively excluded him from the Test Series and this has been officially confirmed by the BCCI. For a moment, even if you assume Rohit hates Kohli, will it be so reckless to skip a high-profile series by faking an injury?

More than Kohli or anyone else, the loss will be only Rohit’s. He just had an exceptional series in England where as an opener he was a revelation. Not only did he score his first overseas cent of his career, but the way he beat was long overdue and was applauded by everyone. So if you are a Rohit Sharma you would like to consolidate your form abroad and a good start, especially in a country like South Africa where his average is around 15.

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We won’t be shocked if some of Rohit’s enemies can even point out that precisely because of this abysmal record in South Africa, he may have just made an excuse. You cannot rule anything out in these toxic times which, unfortunately, are also entering our beloved sport.

Anyway, does Rohit, who just got Ajinkya Rahane’s vice-captain (who was Kohli’s deputy for almost five years) and is ready to get the red ball captain in the future, will something so ill-advised to harm its own cause in the eyes of the coach or the board? So this conspiracy theory that Rohit deliberately skips the test rounds just because Kohli does not become the first Indian captain to win a South Africa test round should not convince anyone at all.

Now the second aspect of this controversy that says Kohli is so upset over the loss of the ODI captain’s post that he too wants to show the board that it really hasn’t gone well with him . Kohli might be hurt by the way he was sacked by the board, but then again, he can never be so sulky that he risks damaging his team’s best interests.

What is curious and interesting about the whole Kohli part is that a body of media claims (of course citing the unseen BCCI sources) that the skipper requested the leave during the ODI series and that others camps also fiercely refute this claim. since the apparent reason for his supposed rupture which is the first birthday of his daughter does not coincide with the ODI series but with the Test series.

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If Kohli intends to take a break for some reason, he may be entitled to do so due to his yeoman’s service to Indian cricket for over a decade. Even though he chooses to prioritize his family commitments over his duty to Indian cricket, it remains good as we have seen that he did the same as captain when he took a break during the birth of her child in 2020 as India played a high-profile series in Australia. It will have nothing to do with Rohit being the new ODI captain.

However, at the same time, it can also be argued that since there is a one-week break between the Test and ODI series and the three-game white ball streak ends in just five days, it is possible that Kohli rethinks about his vacation. South Africa’s playoff schedule has already been revised as there are no T20 matches at the moment in this truncated trip.

Amidst all this gossip on social media and mainstream media platforms about ‘is he going or not’ headlines, everyone should always remember that at the end of the day it’s all about to take care of the best interests of the Indian cricket team and not of any individual no matter how great. or it can be. This is the Indian cricket team and not the Kohli or Rohit team. To win, Indian cricket no longer depends on powerful individuals like Sachin Tendulkar, as it did in the early 90s.

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