The Sacramento reality star performs in front of the local crowd


July 8—Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Sacramento at Fire Mountain in Wheatland closed its Undiscover concert series on Friday with an encore performance by Shane Quidachay, better known as Shane Q from the hit reality television series “The Voice”.

Quidachay, a Sacramento native, first auditioned for the acclaimed vocal competition in fall 2019 with Chris Stapleton’s song “Tennessee Whiskey.” His performance warranted a rare four-chair turnover, giving him his pick of celebrity coaches to choose from.

“I originally thought I would go with Blake Shelton,” Quidachay said. “But I felt most connected to what Kelly Clarkson was telling me in that moment.”

Those who followed the 17th season of “The Voice” know that Shane Q became one of its top 10 finalists, coming out just two episodes from the finale.

“Knowing that I was 1 in 50,000 to get on the show and then get this far was just amazing and life affirming,” Quidachay added.

In total, Quidachay spent about five months working on the series and said he would do it again in a heartbeat.

“The friendships and relationships I made there were some of my greatest accomplishments,” Quidachay said. “Now I have connections all over the country, and that’s more valuable to me than the show itself.”

Shortly after “The Voice” wrapped up its 17th season, the COVID-19 pandemic hit the country. Quidachay, like many citizens, was stuck without a job and unable to truly pursue his passion. As soon as precautionary measures began to be lifted, Quidachay began hitting local sites throughout Northern California.

“I play everywhere, but I tend to prefer more intimate venues like breweries and wineries,” Quidachay said. “Honestly, I’m just excited and happy to be doing what I’m doing and starting to grow my fan base.”

Playing music and booking gigs is now Quidachay’s full-time job, and he looks forward to expanding his reach to other parts of the country. The 31-year-old musician has had several things on his mind lately, one being the release of his first-ever original single, “Off My Mind.”

This song will be released on August 5, but fans can catch a live premiere with a full band on August 20 at Pine-O-Mine Ranch in Apple Hill. In addition to original music, Quidachay also considered the logistics of lending his talents to teaching and coaching others.

For Quidachay, playing Hard Rock has been one of the biggest gigs since leaving “The Voice” and coming out of the pandemic.

“Shane’s performance is the grand finale of our Undiscover concert series and the highlight of our 4th of July weekend,” said Randy Maddocks, Director of Entertainment at Hard Rock. “Shane was one of our top contenders because he was local and already had some notoriety.”

This Undiscover concert series was initiated by Hard Rock International in partnership with Playing for Change and the Playing For Change Foundation, an organization dedicated to connecting the world through music.

Co-founders Mark Johnson and Whitney Kroenke started Playing for Change with the idea that music has the power to break down boundaries and overcome distances between people. Their initial project involved a mobile recording studio used to capture independent artists across America, which resulted in their first documentary, “A Cinematic Discovery of Street Music”.

Inspired by these efforts, Hard Rock used Undiscover as a way to promote emerging talent and raise funds for local artists. When Maddocks heard about this opportunity, he immediately knew it was something he wanted his site to be a part of.

“I actually worked for a record company when I started in this business and I love finding people and getting them to play in my venues,” Maddocks added.

Mary Courie, director of sales and marketing for Hard Rock International, said the series started in Barcelona, ​​Spain, and continued with shows around the world.

“We’re wrapping up our 50th anniversary for Hard Rock, and Playing for Change is celebrating its 20th,” Courie explained. “So we did 20 artists from all over the world in 50 days.”

To those looking to pursue a career in music or entertainment, Quidachay had some particular advice: “Be patient, be at your peak every moment, and play the role wherever you go.”

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