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Game on!  Episode 9 Sitcom ShowdownGame on!  Episode 9 Sitcom Showdown

The TV sitcom showdown game is on! is the 9th episode of Game On! series. This time, TEAM Late Night led by Jacque Clermont takes on Amanda Kunzer and TEAM Prime Time. Channeling their inner Golden Girls and Simpsons, these teams give it their all in six fun games, all TV-themed:

  • screen time
  • To crush!
  • Saved by the buzz
  • king of clues
  • Night programming
  • Text melodies

Two audience members also participate in the Sitcom Showdown Game On! action in a game that beats the buzzer called Seen.

Late night team

Jacques Clermont – Naperville School District 203

Kaylin Risvold- Naperville Area Chamber of Commerce

James Bernicky – Bernicky law firm

Paul Novak– T2 Asset Management

Team prime time

Amanda Kunzer- Edgewood Clinical Services

Mari Rodriguez – DynaCom

Colton Antos- Codeverse

Keith Hartenberger – Edward Elmhurst Health

About Game On!

Naperville’s only game show is hosted by Danielle Tufano. Two teams of four players each compete in six fun games of skill for the chance to win Game On! Trophy AND city bragging rights.

Grab a bowl of popcorn and find out who won the coveted trophy in previous episodes of Game On! You can remotely watch more episodes of Naperville’s only game show anytime!


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