The sitcom you forgot Vanna White appeared on


One of the benefits of working on a game show is that the schedule is quite light. “Wheel of Fortune” can pack an entire month of episodes in just one week, per Good Housekeeping, which gives the stars plenty of time to pursue other projects. Vanna White took full advantage of this freedom. By IMDb, she took on a number of guest-starring roles on shows such as “The A-Team,” “The King of Queens,” “LA Law” and “Married…With Children.” Most recently, she appeared as herself in an episode of “Fresh Off the Boat” in 2017.

But one of White’s credits is perhaps the one fans remember most fondly. In 1994, she starred in “Full House” not as one, but as two characters! As seen in this Youtube clip, White appears in a nightmare DJ had the night before taking the SATs. “Queen of Consonants, Vixen of Vowels” comes with a paper grading device. While Kimmy earns a perfect score that guarantees quick acceptance at Stanford, DJ’s poor performance means “Clown U” is her destiny. Fortunately, the dream bears little resemblance to real life. White appears as the real test monitor, Ms. Moffatt, the next day (via this extract). Moffatt jokes with DJ that he needs a #4 pencil instead of a #2, then laughs and says, “Relax. It’s just a test.”

Who wouldn’t pass a test with Vanna White there for moral support?


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