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From 2016 to 2021, American housewife aired for five seasons, and while this family sitcom might not be as popular as many others, it’s definitely worth mentioning. There can be tons of shows about fun families living in small towns struggling to be happy and not fight too much, but there are so many reasons why this one is unique and so much better. than the usual price. The main characters have clever dialogue and the jokes are never cheap or too silly to land properly.

American housewife deserves a lot more fans thanks to its character development, fun storylines, and overall hilarious tone.


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Katie Otto (Katy Mixon) looks sad holding Anna-Kat Otto (Julia Butters) in American Housewife

Katie Otto (Katy Mixon) is a wonderful character and the kind of person TV fans don’t see all the time. American housewife is a sitcom with incredible character development because Katie doesn’t listen to what society says she should. Katie wants to follow her heart and be herself, and while she wants to live in the beautiful, wealthy little town of Westport, she realizes she doesn’t fit in with the other mothers. While they care about fancy clothes and brag about each other, Katie just wants to raise good kids and enjoy her time with her adorable husband Greg.

Some of the best American housewife The scenes are when Katie goes to her local cafe for her second breakfast with her best friends Angela (Carly Hughes) and Doris (Ali Wong). These women are brilliant, hilarious, and strong, and they don’t care what people think of them either. Watching the three friends spend time together is moving and fun.

Whether Katie is staying with a stay-at-home parent, starting to work in the event planning industry, or starting her own lasagna-making business, Katie has fun lines, a strong sense of self, and makes American housewife one of the best sitcoms.

Shared image of Anna-Kat Otto (Julia Butters) and Oliver Otto (Daniel DiMaggio)

Julia Butters and Daniel DiMaggio are two incredibly talented young actors and TV fans will enjoy watching them play siblings Anna-Kat and Oliver Otto on American housewife. As the show is an underrated sitcom about parenting, it’s a lot of fun watching Katie and Greg take care of their three kids. Meg Donnelly does a great job with her role as older brother Taylor who is sweet but incredibly silly, but Anna-Kat and Oliver shine a little brighter.

Whether Anna-Kat is complaining about her clothes all bearing fruit or asking to walk to the library on her own so she can finally have some independence, she’s a sweet, well-behaved and precocious but not boring child. . Oliver is absolutely obsessed with money and he wants nothing more than to grow up and be some kind of money-making financial expert.

What’s so interesting about American housewife Unlike some family sitcoms that can be full of corny jokes and canned laughs, kids want happiness and independence just as much as parents do, and they all work together to be polite, compassionate, and respectful while respecting what each wants and needs. Greg and Katie are great sitcom parents who truly love and care about their kids.

Katie Otto (Katy Mixon) and Greg Otto (Diedrich Bader) in American Housewife

Greg Otto is such a fantastic character and he proves that the traditional family sitcom could be over because he’s not a traditional husband or father…and that’s a very good thing. Diedrich Bader plays the role perfectly, and fans quickly learn that Greg loves his wife and kids, but he’s not going to sacrifice who he is for anything or anyone. Luckily for viewers, Greg is a nerdy, smart, and naive history teacher. who likes to write about the battles of the past and who likes to dress up and stage historical events. Although his family often doesn’t understand him, Greg doesn’t care. Greg and Katie often joke that it will be great when their kids are in college and out of the nest so to speak, and while that might sound rude and harsh, it’s still funny when they say it. Fans can tell they care a lot about raising good kdis.

One of Greg’s funniest storylines is when he writes a book with Lonnie Spears, a popular YouTube star played by Matt Shively. They get along and bond, although Lonnie is known to prank people, and he often cheats on Greg, who doesn’t quite understand everything.

It’s a pity that American housewife was canceled after five seasons, but anyone who hasn’t seen it yet has a ton of episodes to catch up on, and TV fans are likely to fall in love with the hilarious and charming Otto family.

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