This ‘Elden Ring’ Soap Commercial Is Awesome and People Love It


I think the marketing people in Thailand have taken the phrase “sells” to a whole new level. Display of every 20 seconds of Ring of Elden images in the four-minute ad, the ad instead focuses on a family worrying about heirlooms instead of caring for dear old Grammy. You might be worried that Granny will get hurt while making this weirdly nostalgic commercial, but don’t worry, she’s fine. Before you ask, yes, this is an official announcement.

This is must-see advertising. We know it’s almost four minutes long, but trust us. Stick with it.

One thing the ad highlights is that part of Elden Ring’s The success is that it is one of the most accessible games in the Soulsbourne franchise. However, director Hidetaka Miyazaki wanted to clarify that this does not mean that there is some sort of easy mode built into the game. On the contrary, difficulty is an important part of the game’s identity.

Instead, Miyazaki incorporated a more open world into the game, giving players the option to try alternate routes if some are too difficult. There are also a number of new classes added that are much easier to manage for players new to the series.

That, of course, doesn’t mean the actual bosses the genre is known for are any easier. Although you can find two different ways to cheese them.


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